The Promise Land

By Dhaved Kapel


“Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” – II Corinthians 6:2).  There is no need to hope for a second coming, there is none.  The appointed time to save ourselves is now.  God is our consciousness, a culmination of our thoughts, beliefs and what we accept as true.  There is only one power, God and only one condition, Good.  It is our doubts, fears, resentments, anger etc., that keeps us enslaved and therefore living a life of disharmony, lack, limitation, pain, suffering, fear, and discord.  The belief in a second coming keeps you stuck in a belief of two powers, in a belief that God is outside of you in which that is not so.  “I am the Lord; and there is none else” – Isaiah 45:18.  God is our Savior, yes, our consciousness is our Savior, and however, many have failed to grasp this simple but most important fact that “We are God” -  “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God” – Philippians 2:6.  Therefore, to many, the Father within us lies asleep in the dormant mode because we have failed to acknowledge this fundamental truth and thereby continue to live a life of sin or (wrong thinking).  Once this acknowledgement is made, then we must make the connection and the way of making the connection is through being still, by meditation and after a period of growth in stillness, this amazing relationship or connection with God reveals itself and Oh! What a wonderful and blissful union it is.  “Be still, and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10.  “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly” – Matthew 6:6.  However, we must develop a routine of communing in silence, through meditating daily with consistency and allow no one, no person, place or thing to come between our personal relationship with God.  Again, allow me to say, acknowledge that God is within you, that you are God, then make the connection by meditation, and hold true to this with consistency until you are gradually led to the Promise Land of being One with God.  This journey is not like sticking a frozen food dinner in the microwave and expecting it to be done in a few minutes, it is done with patience, sincerity, and the strong desire to better one’s life and discover your true self.  It’s like climbing a mountain or steep, long staircase, one step at a time and in time you’ll experience a personal connection with the Father, the awakened Father within you.  In the beginning of this journey, you’ll be experiencing doubts, fears, and other types of mental disturbance, however, don’t lose faith, just stay the course and as the sun rises every morning, you are sure to be led along the path of Truth and discover freedom if you faint not.  “I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate and the beast of the field multiply against thee.  By little and little I will drive them out from thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land” – Exodus 23:29-30.  It’s a process of time and fortitude that your doubts and fears etc. will slowly dwindle away and you will inherit the land, you will gain control over your mind.



Focus on the Good

By Dhaved Kapel


Whatever you give your attention to you attract in your life or combine with. By focusing on anything that is not good, you thereby bring into your life. The media utilizes this tactic of negative and sensational stories to incite anger, resentment, frustration, fear, ill-will, etc., and it only hurts you. What you send out comes back to you and no one else. Come to the realization and wake up to this fundamental truth and stop enslaving yourselves with the creations of your very own doing. Every time you spend your money to watch a television program or movie that features, violence, crime, horror, fears etc., then you are contributing to a world that produces the same thing. If you desire a better world, claim it by participating and giving your attention to things that are good. If you would cease from contributing to things that are impure and not good, then those who make them will ultimately be forced to produce quality television programs and movies. This also goes for watching the news media, if you turn it off and cease from watching television news whose sole idea is to keep you living in fear, then they also will be forced to change. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” – Zechariah 4:6.  Allow me to paraphrase it to say, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my attention, by my concentrated thought of the desired outcome.”  What you give your attention grows in your life and what you turn your back to, or turn your attention away from withers away and eventually dies. So in essence, stop feeding the bad and give your attention to only the good. Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things – Philippians 4:8.

Stones for Bread

By Dhaved Kapel


Many are hungry and need to be fed.  Many seek guidance but are being fed stones for bread.  Millions of people are in search of the Truth and so seek this Truth by attending religious services every Sunday.  They go to religious services for years upon years yet the harmony and happiness remains absent from their lives.  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” John 8:32.  If you are exposed to the truth, your life should change, you should have a complete shift in your thinking, living, and circumstances of your life.  Religious services are now more about giving you a recipe that is incomplete, missing the main ingredients.  How many of you would go and purchase an apple pie and everything was there except the apple?  Would you continue to purchase from the store you bought it from?  This is exactly what is going on in most religious services today.  If you are not being told about the universal laws that you can apply yourself personally to improve your life, then you are being fed stones for bread.  If your life hasn’t improved after years of attending services, then you are being fed stones for bread.  You still believe in a Santa Claus that doesn’t exist.  Universal laws when applied will expose you to the Truth that will make you free.  This is what religious services should be exposing you to and not just talking about the “Juniper Tree,” and “Tithing.”  You should be exposed to laws like the “Law of Attraction.”  That you attract in your life what you think, the conception you have of yourself is reflected back upon you and so on; universal or spiritual laws that will bring the happiness and harmony that you seek into your lives.


If someone has been chosen to preach the word, then they most certainly will be led by the Supreme Power to preach the Truth without leading their flock down a path of continued struggle and disharmony.  They will not have a fear of lack by withholding the truth from you and giving you the apple pie without the apple but instead embrace and spread the Truth.  They will lead a life themselves of continuing to strive for purity of body and mind.  When someone is chosen, their steps are guided by God and those they lead will know it.  It’s something that cannot be hidden because the glow of God is a shine that brightens not only that person’s life but all of those whom he or she comes in contact with.  We must awaken and stop following someone who’s in it for self-aggrandizement and unable to share the Truth, simply because they themselves do not know the Truth; simply because they themselves have not been called to preach the Truth.  If you haven’t been called, then, you are blind leading the blind and all will end up in the land of the lost.  We must break with the cycle of going to services every Sunday listening to someone talk for twenty minutes and then go back to a life of struggle.  Religious services should be less about talking and more about living a life of love and compassion; about living a life of continuing to seek the expansion of one’s own consciousness.  If you have been going to church for numerous years and haven’t achieved a level of harmony and happiness in your life, then you are eating an apple pie without the apple and you should consider a different recipe for success, for the Truth.


We must first come to understand that we are victims of a “system” of Religion that’s main purpose is to keep the Truth away from the masses by disseminating bits and pieces of it; giving us the pie without the apple.  However in some instances, there are pastors, preachers, bishops, priests etc., who simply don’t know the Truth themselves, and again I say, the blind leading the blind caught up in a “system” of falsity.  They are teaching the Bible from their level of understanding which is a level that affords no true enlightenment.  Jesus never taught a system, his ministering was about the unfoldment and the working of spiritual laws that you can apply to your daily lives and by doing so, will make you free.


This brings me to the subject of tithing.  Tithing is not about giving ten percent to the church, it’s about giving your desires to God.  You are the temple of God, the storehouse is your consciousness, you are God, so you give your thoughts and desires to the God in you by claiming the things you desire to be.   Such as claiming, “I AM beautiful,”  “I AM healthy,” I am wealthy,” and so on.  By controlling your thinking and directing your thoughts in the direction of  the positive and only focusing on the good and turning your back against what you don’t want in your life.  This is tithing.  Again, the Truth when exposed to, it shall make you free. How can someone who’s currently not in the position to give ten percent, give ten percent and be happy?  God is not about bringing pain but love and harmony.  You give to the Lord by giving your desires, by claiming the things you want as though you already have them.


We are all climbing the mountain in search of Truth which in turn will bring harmony and happiness to our lives.  Each person is responsible for the path they take and the discovery of the Truth.  If we are diligent and sincere in this quest, the Truth will surely be revealed, however, if you choose to continue down a path of wrong thinking and beliefs, then you too, are held accountable for such actions and will continue to experience the pains and struggles of life until the Truth is awakened within you.



The Internal Factor

By Dhaved Kapel

When we look at something, we tend to view only the outside without considering the inside.  How many of us would just look at the hours of sunrise to sundown or 6 am to 6pm and consider it to be the whole entire day without the remainder totaling twenty-four hours?  You can’t just count half a day and call it the entire day.  How many would bake a cake and only use half of all the necessary ingredients needed?  Would you consider having a relationship with someone who’s beautiful on the outside but on the inside, their mind is not harmonious with yours?  If so, the relationship wouldn’t last simply because it would be incomplete by lacking the necessary harmony.  Life must be looked at from the standpoint of the Whole not half, not only the external side of life, not only the material side but also the spiritual side which is really the originating side of life.  To create, or bring into physical manifestation we must first start on the inside which many of us fail to understand or acknowledge this most important step to bringing forth anything in life.  Most of us are unconscious of this process which does occur whether you are aware of it or not.  Everything starts on the inside, everything.  There are no exceptions.  However, by relying on external sources to bring real change in your life without first starting on the inside, you are thereby subjecting yourself to the falsity of such.  You are thereby subjecting yourself to the instability, constant change and unreliability that represent the external, earth side of life.  You have thereby shown faith in something that is not real and the results therefore will be unreal.  The only reality is consciousness, the life within you, the God in you.


There are many who are misled to believe that you can permanently change your life by starting externally as opposed to internally.  Many are programmed by television; radio etc. in believing it is possible.  However, it is not.  For someone who’s overweight and looking to lose weight, and using exercise programs, weight-loss antics, or whatever you choose to call it, will maybe make some progress but it will not be permanent unless you first start within by first claiming that you are already what you want to be.  A person who’s addicted to alcohol or drugs and subjected to external programs thinking it will bring permanent results is frankly disillusioned or misled.  To change anything in your life, it must first start from within, the power within you, the God within you.  You must acknowledge this presence and ask for guidance and you will be lead step by step to what will help you reach your desired goal.


This may seem simple but it is the Truth.  And in all sincerity, the Truth is always simple.  It is only man who tends to complicate things and make them more difficult than what they actually are, to have you thinking externally instead of internally.  To have you puzzled, distracted and confused and therefore dependent on various products that will supposedly be your savior when in actuality, you are your very own Savior.  You must persistently seek your inner guidance and claim that you are already the person you want to be.  If you want to weigh a certain amount, say to yourself, I am this weight and speak and think of it often and lo, after a while you will start seeing signs of progress.  You will be guided to things to do, things to eat, etc. that will produce the results you desire.  The same goes for someone who’s addicted to alcohol or drugs, just claim that you are healthy and pure and speak and think it often without fail and you will become what you think.  For any medical condition, if you would just change your thoughts to I AM Whole, I AM healthy and keep it in mind; results must come forth to provide proof of your claim.


Let’s not be misled any longer in believing in the outside before the inside.  Everything in life starts on the inside.  The car that you drive or the residence where you live was first created in the mind of the designer before it was ever created physically and the same goes for anything in life.  To bring change, you must start within, utilizing the internal factor, the God in you.





Obstruction to Truth

By Dhaved Kapel


The path forward to experiencing complete happiness and harmony in life is Truth.  This path, however, is being obstructed mostly by ego and ignorance.  While many desire Truth, many are still clinging to their current beliefs and there is no possible way to place oneself in position to receive Truth if the channel to receive it is clogged up with a false belief system.  We are like children still believing in Santa Claus by holding on to beliefs and traditions of the old that has only brought us suffering, pain, division, self-hatred, and struggles; everything except harmony in our life.


“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God,” John 3:3.  Your thinking must change, you must reject your lower self which is the ego and acknowledge and accept your Higher Self, which is the God in you.  The battle is not between you and the world but between your Lower and Higher Self.  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” John 8:32.  We need to start looking at the Bible as not something passively relating to the past but actively alive at this present moment.  The only thing that matters is now and so when we read or interpret the Bible or any spiritually based book, we need to view it as now.  We should take it and apply it to our lives as the Truth and not just read and accept it passively as to say, it won’t affect my life if I apply these principles.


The ego, prevents us from being open to the Truth, the ego prevents one from listening without interrupting someone who’s probably attempted to share it with you.  The ego has you argumentative, and defensive instead of loving, cooperative and receptive.  The ego being your lower self is the thing that keeps the truth away from you and therefore keeping you away from discovering who you truly are.  The ego is the cloud blocking the view of the sun that will bring light to your life.  The ego is preventing you from listening to or seeing the Truth.  The ego is shielding you from the knowledge needed to open the door of Truth.  If someone is attempting to tell you not to get on a plane because they know it’s going to crash, you won’t listen to them and get on the plane anyway because of your ego.  A person may recommend a book for you to read and you passively or flat out fail to receive the idea and that book may contain the knowledge to transform your life, however you allow your ego to persuade you differently. And by such refusal, you continue to suffer, complain, criticize, and live a life flowing upstream.  However, once you reject your ego and do it on a continual, daily basis, until the point where it has been spiritualized, then you will begin to open the door to your Higher Self and flow downstream and enjoy the abundance thereof.  Only then will you shift from the winds of change to the stability and assuredness of God’s Love.


There is symbology all throughout life, and another example is the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His dying on the cross is the sign that we must die to our current concept of who we are to be resurrected into who we truly are, which is God.  We must reject the ego, the lower concept of ourselves and acknowledge and accept our Higher Self.  And until this is done, life will continue to be a thing of discord and disharmony.


Therefore to be awakened to Truth one must become conscious of Truth.  If you are unconscious and someone speaks to you or attempts to expose you to knowledge in some way, you will not receive it because you are not conscious of knowledge and therefore not in a receptive mode.  It will pass you right by.  It’s like reading a book and missing the message of the book; no matter how many times you read it, you will miss the message until you are in the mode to receive.  So if you want to be awakened to Truth, you must first desire it, otherwise, you will continue to be oblivious to it.


Ignorance is only a lack of knowledge, not knowing and so once you desire knowledge which is Truth, it will come into your life.  Once you begin to question the false belief system you currently have, and desire for something new and better, it will come.  And when you begin to get the first signs of it and enjoy the taste thereof, then you’ll be lead slowly but surely along the path to more and more.  It will be like climbing a mountain, slowly but surely.  And what a wonderful feeling and journey it will be.


Now we must seek and desire the Truth to unblock the obstruction to it.  In most cases those who have received the truth, the ego had to be spiritualized, meaning one probably have gone through something that was quite humbling in order to have reduced the ego to a point that would allow the Higher Self to appear.  Acknowledging the power that is already within you is the first step to changing your life.  There is no need to point up in the sky, just look within and you’ll find the answer.





The Right Associations

By Dhaved Kapel


We are often not aware of the importance of whom we associate with and the influence those associations have on our life, health and so on.  Everything is energy, and like attracts like, so it would be incumbent upon us all to associate with people with similar ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc. or risk living a life of poor health, pain, struggle, and discord without knowing the true cause of it and not knowing that those effects are from associating with those of lesser minds.  “Be ye not unequally yoked,” the Bible tells us in II Corinthians 6:14 and so adhering to these words, right associations are pivotal if we want to live a life of harmony.  Now this idea refers to all, family, friends, business associations, you name it, it all affects us.


Many relationships are not in accord with this fundamental concept and therefore suffer with disharmony.  You cannot sustain a harmonious relationship with someone whose ideas, beliefs or thinking is not on the same accord or plane as yours.  This is a fundamental fact.  You may over time, choose to ignore, overlook or just remain in it for other reasons but true happiness will be missing and you’ll continue to injure yourself while remaining together.  And so people choose to be unhappy, rather than make a decision of getting in tune with themselves and in time attracting the right person in their life.


There is symbology all throughout life that relates things to our life if we are attuned and awakened enough to recognize them.  For example, in math, we have a negative and a positive that equal a negative.  A negative person associating with a positive person will eventually drain the positive person’s energy down to a negative level, therefore causing them to vibrate on the level of negativity which in turn attracts circumstances of such in their life.  A positive and a positive equal a positive which is good.  A negative and a negative equal a positive, now look at this from the standpoint of two people who are both vibrating on a low level producing negative energy and both in their reality are reinforcing one another’s negative beliefs and therefore making their negative beliefs positive to them.  This is why it is important who we choose to associate with because that decision can affect our lives for good or bad.


Why does it matter whom I associate with?  Everything is energy, again I say, like attracts like, thoughts and beliefs affect your life, health, finances, happiness etc.  What you accept as true in your life is what’s actually manifested in your life.  If you are constantly around someone who’s complaining, who has a conception of poverty, no goals, aspiration, or just simply ignorant to the laws of the universe that thoughts are things, then you by association will eventually absorb this person’s negative beliefs and thereby bring the same to you.


Do you ever see a rich person associating with a poor person or an educated person associating with an uneducated person?  It would be better to be alone than to be around someone who’s vibrating on a negative level or someone whose thinking is not on par with yours.  Associating with the right people will make all the difference in your life.  The choice is your

Give Love

By Dhaved Kapel


It gives me great pleasure to bring to you something that you may or may not have heard before.  To some it may have been seen or heard of loosely without true interpretation or reception, however, the truth behind it is life changing.  There are millions of people around the world who attend church or some other type of religious service, whose ultimate goal is to have harmony in their lives and with harmony, life is lovely all around.  There are many who refer only to the Bible as their source of Life, guidance and reference but if you look at it plainly, God wrote all the books so if we are looking to expand our consciousness, we must expand our view concerning books and knowledge in general.  If we are looking to bring happiness in our life we must be reborn and by reborn, I do not mean just confessing Jesus is Lord, I mean, dying to your current beliefs of errors in thinking.  To change your life, to be reborn, we must die to current beliefs and thoughts of negative thinking altogether.  You must make it your mission in life, developing habits of positive, affirmative thinking constantly and consistently until the seed is ripe and ready to manifest in your life by bringing harmony and all the things you desire.  Yes, the pleasure, I have is that thoughts of love, and beauty, consistently dwelled upon can change your life, health and everything else for the good.


We all tend to read, hear or see things of great quality and value with certain light-heartedness yet things of impurity, vulgarity and indecency we give credence to and then wonder why our life is in disarray.  You can’t plant an apple seed and expect to get watermelon and so you can’t have thoughts that are impure, negative, filled with anger, frustration, gossiping about others and expect to have a harmonious life.  Life gives you back what you send out.  If you are always complaining about people, circumstances, or just things in general, life will respond back and bring things similar into your life clothed in different situations.  Life returns to you what you send out so if that’s the case, we must become conscious of our thoughts and the words we speak.  Too many are simply not aware of their actions yet always complaining about life.  When you complain, you are sending out negative energy that must return to you negative circumstances to your life.  When you gossip about others, you are sending out negative energy that must return back to you.  So to avoid disharmony, we must take control of our thoughts and consciously make an effort to think positive thoughts and have returned to us positive circumstances.


Give love and receive love.  If someone does you wrong, give love, not hate.  If you would look at this matter from a perspective of self-preservation then maybe you can get a better understanding.  If you say, hey I care about myself and am conscious of my actions therefore, I will give love instead of hate.  If you respond back negatively, you are not hurting the other person, only yourself.  The actions, someone else does, is their own karma and they must be accountable for them but if you respond back angrily or in a negative way, then you have created negative energy that must and will be returned back to you in life.  So give love, speak love, and think love and love will find its home with you.



Finding Love

By Dhaved Kapel


I’m sure most of us have heard of the saying “looking for love in all the wrong places” before.  There are millions upon millions of people searching for the love of their life, that special someone, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend yet failing to discover one another.  There are numerous online dating sites specifically catered to assisting those who are searching for love.  There are many who are lonely and strongly desire to find someone to share their life with and frequently end up with the wrong person or continuing that stretch of loneliness.  Why is this happening to me?  I am a good person so why can’t I find someone for me, just one good person?  They are asking themselves over and over.  The answer is a simple one, but for some it may not be so simple.


First one must come to understand and recognize that God is Love and your birthright is Love, therefore you can’t go searching for something that you are already.  By doing so, you are sending out the thought that I am loveless and when you go searching for something that you already are, then, you will only get back the opposite of what you desire.  Like attracts like, and by searching for what you already are, you are saying I do not have love in my life and that’s what life will give back to you – a continued cycle of not having love in your life.  To change this sequence of circumstances in your life, you first have to acknowledge that you are love, you must become love and when you are love, you don’t have to search for it, it will find you.  This reminds me of the saying by Charles Haanel, “We must be before we can do, and we can do only to the extent that we are, and what we are depends upon what we think.”  To change your life, you must change your thinking, your conception of it.  You must change the conception you have of yourself, the conception you have of the opposite sex as well as the conception you have of the world.  Think only Love and Love will find you.  To attract love in your life, you must think love, be love, and then love will find you.  The problem most are having is the belief that love is to be found on the outside; I must go to the club or go to this dating site or numerous other venues to find someone special.  I am too busy to meet someone so I must do this to find my mate etc.  Everything that exists in the universe starts on the inside and finding love is no exception.  So let’s start thinking about love, saying to yourself, “I AM Love,” having numerous thoughts about love, even write down in a notebook, the exact qualities you desire in your mate and dwell on it daily, read it daily and also right before going to bed.


The life of a baby starts on the inside, the life of a tree (the roots) are on the inside, again, everything that is manifested on the outside, first started on the inside, so let’s begin the journey of finding that special love by entertaining the thought of love in mind and you will then witness the magic of life.  Now that is not to say that you do this today and tomorrow you will have the love of your life.  There is a timeframe to produce your desires but certainly it will produce if you faint not.  A woman, whose pregnant today, delivers the baby nine months later.  A tomato seed takes about one hundred and twenty days to mature and so on.


You can’t go around having negative thoughts about men and yet expect to find a good man. And the same goes for men about women as well.  You can’t focus on the negative qualities yet desire a man with positive qualities.  If you have in mind the qualities you would like a man or woman to possess, then, think only about those qualities and not the opposite.  Only entertain the good and that’s what will come in your life.  Speak of only good things about men or women.


Let’s not get stuck in the pattern of thinking that is not beneficial to our success, let’s not gossip, let’s focus our attention only on things that will bring us happiness, because ultimately that’s what we all desire in life, is happiness.





Love is the Key

By: Dhaved Kapel

Life is beautiful and everyone who reflects on it can attest to such conclusion.  However, we are living in a time where a selected few would have us believe that destruction, mayhem, and ugliness prevails all across the land.  Let me be the one to say that is not true.  If you sit down to watch television, all you will see is how horrible the world is, crime, violence, prejudices etc., supposedly are rampant throughout the world.  There is a calculated and deliberate attempt to instill fear into the masses for the purpose of keeping you oppressed, divided and separated from the Truth.  But as Jesus states, “the truth shall make you free,” if only we are receptive to it.  We must be in a receptive mood to receive the Truth and watching television shows that promote fear is not the way.  You can’t expect to receive the sounds of jazz on a station that plays rock and roll can you?  We must align ourselves accordingly to receive the proper station.  And one way of becoming aligned is in the thoughts we think, how we think, the words we speak, the words we hear, the things we see must be pure in nature and not colluded with fear, negativity, or profanity.  And by watching shows, listening to the radio or reading material that focuses only on the bad is not good for your receptivity or your health.  What you allow to penetrate your subconscious mind becomes a part of you and affects you for good or bad, depending on its purity.  We must learn to become aware or conscious of these small tendencies that play a major part in our overall happiness.  It’s the little things we do that make the big difference in our lives.


On the political front, we have our politicians on both sides of the aisle having discourse about issues affecting us all, one side giving out their view and the other side giving out theirs without a will to compromise.  One side hating and the other side hating back; how can we progress forward when one side is moving toward the future and the other is moving toward the past?  Then the question comes to mind whether this is a deliberate design to purposely perpetuate the current system which keeps the control of this country in the hands of a few.  Whether the divide and conquer system is ever renewing itself with a political system designed to perpetuate separation, hate, prejudice and economic disparity heavily tilted in favor of the rich.  My definition of politics is to divide the people, keep them divided so that control is maintained by a few.  However, we must not allow ourselves to get sidetracked or caught up in this battle of hate that generates more hate and divisiveness which leads to continued control by the few.  We must learn that to combat a cold, we must use heat, to combat hate; we must use love and herein, lie our key to affect and bring about change in our political system, in our life and in the world.  Let’s give love to our enemies, to our neighbors, friends, family, and to the world.  Love is the key.

An Unfair System!

David J. Hudson,

As long as capitalism exists, poverty, separation, and inequality will continue in its destruction of our society. The systems constructed in both government and the private sector is heavily tilted in favor of those with power and money. The working class, the working poor, the average citizen doesn’t stand a chance under this capitalistic system.

It is completely unrealistic to think that under this current system, we can all reap the benefits of achieving the “American Dream.” It was designed to cater to and benefit only a small percentage of people while the majority struggle in the pursuit of a great illusion.

Under the capitalistic system, divide and conquer, fear, desperation, poor education and hopelessness are tools used to keep those at the top on top and those on the bottom to remain there. But with an informed and educated citizenry, the masses would not tolerate what is currently taking place under this system.

To better understand the disadvantages, picture yourself as a football team starting the game down 28 – 0 and up against a formidable team who is much bigger, quicker, better trained, better equipped and better positioned to win every down, every quarter and every game that’s played.

Is that fair? Is it right? What are you going to do about it?

We must change this system of enslavement to a system where the majority of people benefit instead of a few. If not for our future, we must do so for our children’s future. It can be done but we must all join in and take the first step toward real change and that time is now!