Needed Change!

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change



Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who see what’s really happening in this world.  The majority of the people appear to be hypnotized or simply oblivious to the corruption, the greed, the injustice and the selfishness of our government.  Or should I say the majority seems helpless and defenseless against a government that doesn’t care about anyone except the rich.  The government keeps the majority of people distracted by having to work two or three jobs just to maintain a decent standard of living. Why is that?  Why must we work so hard to live?  The excessive amount of hours worked to pay bills dangerously affects us all as a nation by depriving families of time together, time to rest, and time to love. 


At times I’ve asked myself, am I going insane or am I living in an insane world and every time I choose the latter.  The media tends to do more harm than good by glorifying and spreading negative energy that has consumed and poisoned the minds of millions which in turn perpetuates a cycle of negativity.  It is my hope and dream that the majority awaken from their deep sleep and begin to see clearly, begin to protest for change, start a well over due revolution, begin to realize our mistakes of the past and correct them for the future.  It is my desire to initiate change, positive change that we all can embrace and be proud of in this world we live.



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  1. Robert Moody  

    I agree with you. I’m not asking to jump onto any movement. I’m just saying that, as a “thinking” person in a county of “reactors”, I agree with you. It is nice to read/hear from like minds and I wanted to say so.


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