Blame Our Political Leaders!

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change


Over the years our elected leaders have chosen to support corporations over average hard working Americans. Our members of congress should be blamed for this economic crisis just as much as those on Wall Street. The world blames the U.S for this financial crisis and rightfully so. Our political leaders have been bought out to support bills that enabled corporations to deregulate the financial industry, charge excessive late fees and penalties on credit cards, allow banks to charge a whopping $3 ATM fee, give tax credits to businesses that shipped jobs overseas and yet no one has held them accountable.  Not the media, not voters, no one.


They made a choice to ignore the needs of ordinary Americans. They received their campaign contributions from those corporate hooligans and chose to pass legislation designed to transfer wealth from the bottom, to the top. They structured the rules, laws, and the economy in a manner to achieve that end and for that reason, they should lose their job.


It is time to hold the politicians who  helped in the creation of this economic war accountable by voting them all out of office, whether democrat or republican.  If you favored corporations over working Americans, you should lose your job.  Newsweek has recently published an article about banks that have been bailed out giving campaign contributions to political leaders with tax payer money.  This is an outrage and we the people should not stand for this type of blatant hypocrisy and corruption by our so-called elected leaders.  Enough is enough.  It’s time to elect leaders who care about the average American and not about enriching themselves or corporations. On a last note we must look back at the Bush administration to investigate and prosecute those who played a role in this present crisis.  In order to move forward we must hold accountable all of those who contributed to this mess.







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