Stolen Election to Economic Crisis

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change


America was set on a course it could have never imagined on January 20, 2001 after George W. Bush stole the election with the help of his father’s friends on the Supreme Court, Florida’s then Secretary of State Katherine Harris and his brother Jeb Bush, then the Governor of Florida. 


His stolen victory was the beginning of the end for America as we once new.  If you did the research, you’ll come to find out that everything George Bush has accomplished in his life was by the help of his father’s name and failed at nearly everything he’s done while topping it all off with the destruction of America and sending a rippling affect around the world. 



While Governor of Texas, he was malicious in his stubbornness to show compassion and executing hundreds of people on death row and one individual who were later found to be innocent after his death.  Now that the world is in this financial crisis because of the idiocy of George W. Bush, he’s off into a paid life long retirement while millions around the world suffer due to his inept ability to lead.  His leadership is emblematic of the overall erosion of American values. 



America has lost its standing around the world because of the policies and arrogance of the Bush administration and now it’s up to President Barack Obama to clean up after eight years of complete and utter ignorance.  Yet the media with the exception of MSNBC’s Countdown host Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow of The Rachel Maddow Show and a few online blogs continues to give Former President George W. Bush a free ride by not placing all the blame on his shoulders as it rightfully should. It all starts at the top.


The media failed to investigate the war and the reasons behind going, failed to address issues like the outsourcing of jobs overseas, failed to cover the lack of financial regulations, etc. and of course we can not allow our political leaders to escape this blame either and now look at what we face as a nation.  I often wonder why anyone would vote Republican after what Former President George W. Bush has done to this country. 


We have allowed our political leaders to get away with supporting corporations over the people, we have allowed Bush to slide into retirement while millions suffer, we have allowed corporate greed and corruption to destroy us, we have allowed the use of the word “Capitalism” to mislead us into thinking that we all benefit from it when that is not the case. 



Only a few benefit from capitalism, while they try and relate “Socialism” with something bad when it is not.  Socialism helps the majority and therefore you’ll see those who oppose “Socialism,” try and add a negative connotation to it.  Let us no longer be programmed or misled by the media, those in power or those who wish to keep this country in the past. Lastly, why must most Americans work two or three jobs just to have a decent standard of living?  Why would you think those in power want to keep the average American away from home, family and instead at work struggling to survive?


The busier you are trying to make ends meet, the less time you’ll have to realize how the government is catering to the rich and not you, the less time you’ll have to send emails, write, call or protest not being represented by your political leaders. The less time you’ll have to be active in your community and build a strong grass roots movement for change.  The less time you’ll have to see how capitalism really does only help the few and not the masses.  Although Former President Bush failed this country miserably, he’s also opened up the eyes of millions around the world of the necessary need for change and given us the chance to elect a President whom I believe will go down as the greatest in history.


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