Good Riddance to Capitalism – Bring on Socialism

By David J. Hudson,



Would socialism allow forty-five million of its citizens to go without healthcare?  Would socialism allow a justice system to imprison millions for drug use instead of providing drug treatment?  Would socialism allow one percent of the population to control the majority of the country’s wealth?  Would socialism allow a financial system to go unregulated and thereby cause the greatest economic catastrophe in history?


For far too long those in power have controlled the masses by misleading us all to think that capitalism benefits us all, and that the mention of socialism should make us cringe and scream for help.  For far too long we have allowed our so-called experts persuade us to think that America is the place to be because of “Capitalism.” 

For far too long we have allowed the mass media to distract, misinform, influence or program us to chase a dream that was never within reach and would never come within reach in our lifetime except for a very few. The capitalism trick is to make a few successful while the majority of the people witness their success and continue to chase after that illusive dream which in the end is never realized. That is the misconception we’ve all had and each day it’s becoming more and more revealed as the “Big Lie,” that has been promulgated by the rich and powerful for generations. 


What benefits the majority the most and best is the word those in power fear most, and that is “Socialism.”  They want us to think of socialism as communism but it’s not.  Socialism is caring for that next door neighbor or someone in your community. It’s the belief that we are our brother’s or sister’s keeper and so forth.  It’s the “Pay It Forward,” philosophy.  It’s the idea that everyone wins and not just a few. 


Those in power want to keep us divided and believe that every man or woman should defend for him or herself when that certainly should not be the case. It goes against the teachings in the bible and the practice of anyone who believes in any form of a higher power, regardless of their religious beliefs.  The fear those with power and money have is that they will lose their control and influence if majority of the people were playing on an equal playing field.  They use money to separate and by that method alone, they are able to control the masses. 



Think about capitalism and how many who actually benefits from it, go back and think of all the people you know in your life and be honest with yourself.  How many of your friends own several houses in multiple states and countries, yachts, cars, and get million dollar bonuses for ruining a business? 


Capitalism has created an illusion to us all.  Make a few people very wealthy, a few more almost wealthy, a few more rich and leave the majority thinking that they can one day become rich while knowing that the system of capitalism only allows those with money to keep on making it and those that don’t to keep dreaming and thinking that they can one day become rich and wealthy.  Well thanks to our financial geniuses in corporate America and Wall Street, that illusion is starting to fade and fade fast.  The curse of capitalism is starting to be revealed to the masses and guess what?  The masses don’t like what they are beginning to see. 



People are beginning to realize that capitalism was just a host and never was meant to enrich everyone, only continue to mislead and perpetuate the cycle of the rich getting richer.  But the powers that be, blinded by the chase of money, their very own greed have allowed the eyes of people around the world to see the truth.  The truth of what really has been going on behind the curtain of capitalism was all based on deception, misinformation, corruption and greed.


If you really want to dig deep, do the research and find out exactly how the big corporations became so powerful in the first place.  How did they get their money, how did they grow to become so influential?  I would be willing to bet that is was not all ethical or legal.  Does free labor or slavery ring a bell?


What if the majority of citizens stopped doing business with the big corporations and started shopping at small, community like stores?  If we change our ways and our habits, the rich and powerful would have no choice but to stop their corrupt practices. 

The corporate elites want us to think things are scarce when the opposite is true.  We live in a world where there is an abundance of everything but scarcity allows the powerful to have control and make lots of money.  What if we abolished money and our political system?  What if we lived from a resourced based society where everything was in abundance and there was no need for money?  These are things we should all ponder going forward.


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