Out of Touch Republicans

By David J. Hudson, WeMustChange.org


At a time of crisis for the country, high unemployment, massive foreclosures, increased debt, etc., Republicans are not interested in doing what’s best for Americans but what’s best for the rich, for them to regain power and keep this country off track. Let’s not forget that Bush and Republicans are the blame for wasting nearly a trillion dollars starting a war based on lies, illegal wire-tapping, torture, failing to regulate the banking industry which caused this financial crisis, outsourcing jobs overseas which prevented Americans from having jobs, no domestic policy at all and the list goes on.  Now is not the time for partisanship but a time for us to unite as a country and yet the Republicans are not interested in helping average Americans but instead they continue with a pursuit of giving tax cuts to those who don’t even need them.  Republicans are still out of touch with the average American and fail to see that the American people voted for change in this country.  They still don’t get it!  Well let’s remind them that we have not forgotten the mess that Bush and Republicans have put this country in and we will no longer allow their failed, old and divisive policies to divide us. Yet with this crisis, Republicans voted no on the stimulus bill that would be a first start in getting this economy back on track and they are boasting about voting no!  Well the polls show that the American people want the stimulus and need the benefits of it.  The states need the money to help with infrastructure and other states related needs and yet the Republicans voted no on the stimulus bill.  It just shows how out of touch and disconnected they are from average Americans and it’s time that the American people say very loud and clear that the policies of Republicans are not what this country want or need at this critical time.  They didn’t get it during the election and they don’t get it now!


Please join me in the crusade to vote all Republicans out of office!

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