Time We All Started to Care

By David J. Hudson, WeMustChange.org


It’s funny how most of us tend to place judgment on the indigent, those who are suffering a minor or major setback in life etc. But as I was speaking with a friend the other day, they mentioned something very profound. They said! It’s not what they do to recover or get back on track in life; it’s what “We” do! As I thought about that statement, it resonated with me like ringing a bell. I agreed wholeheartedly with their observation. We as people must come to understand that “We” are our “Brothers” Keeper! We must step out of our very own shoes and start to show compassion for our “Fellow Man.” It is incumbent upon all of us to do just that and stop placing judgment on the plight of someone else. The problem lies with those who are able to help yet fail to do so, that is the greatest problem that most of us fail to see. It’s time we all started to care! It’s time we all started to give much more than we receive! It’s time we all started to love.

Just my thoughts, what are yours?

Proverbs 3:27-28

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