GOP – Lost In The Woods

By David J. Hudson,



A recent poll has just name President Obama as the most trusted politician in history and I’m sure that Republicans are just thrilled to death.  After losing two consecutive elections, the GOP is like a child lost in the woods with nowhere to turn but to conjure up corporate sponsored tea bagging parties on April 15th.  Normally a grassroots movement starts from the bottom up but the Republicans are in such despair that Fox News and its like minded friends are organizing from the top down, just like the trickle down economics that is partly the blame for the present economic crisis. 

 It’s just another example of how “Republicans”, the GOP are out of touch with average Americans and instead of developing policies to help in directing this country to a better economic standing, they choose to create diversionary and divisive tactics. 

Well I’m sure that most Americans know that President Obama is working everyday to improve their lives and have no time to be bothered by petty bickering from the right as recent polls reflect.  Americans trust President Obama to fix the economy over Republicans at an astounding 3 to 1 ratio.  I would guess after being reduced from a national to regional party after the 2010 elections, they’ll get the picture that America has changed and is moving forward to a new, different and brighter future.

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