Americans Fed Up with the Rich & Corporate Elite!

By David J. Hudson,


From growing up as a child, playing with friends, going to school, striving to become successful at whatever I chose to do.  Like many, I was unaware and oblivious to a lot of things in life and completely blind to the system of capitalism and the role it played or would play in my life. 


Like many, I was blind and thought that capitalism would allow me the opportunity to follow my dreams, become wealthy and live the good life.  But after witnessing the distribution of 700 billion dollars go straight to the corrupt bankers and Wall Street executives, it establishes my new belief that capitalism is for the working class while the rich benefits from socialism.  How can a few people run a business into the ground and yet walk away with millions of tax payer dollars?  How?  Why? 


While the rich continue to complain and castigate socialism as something demonstrative and un-American, they are the main beneficiaries of socialism and that needs to change.  Like millions of others, who are living their lives from life experiences, societal pressures and what’s being feed by the media, it’s becoming more and more apparent that those in power, the multi-billionaires, those who control the airwaves, own the yachts, private islands etc. are maintaining that power by keeping the system of divisive tactics, diversion, and distraction brewing amongst the little people, the working poor, and middle class. 


Back in the 1960’s it was the race war, putting blacks against whites and to this day, still plays a role in their continued plot to keep this country and its people divided.  They trump up petty hot topic political issues like religion, gay marriage, race, or whatever the hot topic of the month or year may be to keep people occupied and focused on issues least importance to the majority. 


Monetarily they pay the average worker as little as possible; force them to work two or three jobs just to have a decent standard of living.  And their goal, in which they have been very successful at, is to keep the people tired, stressed, distracted and busy, while they continue to rob us all blind.  And this is done purposefully so that the masses remain dormant, asleep and unaware of how much they have been taken advantage of. 


They, the rich, continue to get rich while the average American continues to struggle.  Yes, we’ve all heard of it before and it continues to be so evident this present day, “The rich get richer while the poor gets poorer.” However, due to the change in the voting block with younger, more open-minded, progressively thinking voters becoming more politically active, they, the rich and powerful refuse to let their power dwindle or slip out of their control without a fight. And with that being the case, we should expect to see more distractions like corporate funded “Tea Parties,” and continued extremist views from Fox News and their friends but we must not be fooled or distracted from the purpose of moving this country aggressively and progressively forward.  To bring about the needed change, we must demand it! 


No longer blind to how the rich continues to transfer money from the bottom to the top, people are angry, filled with rage, desperation and is tethering on the verge of a revolt against corporate America and the rich.   This economic crisis has benefited the powerful while bankrupting the working poor and middle class. It has also benefited the working class by waking us all up to the absurdity and arrogance the rich has and how out of touch they are with the average American. 


It’s funny how those who are the culprits in this financial debacle are yet to be brought to justice, yet if someone else steals a few hundred dollars from a convenience store or bank to feed their kids, they are more likely to go to jail for 15 to 20 years.  Where is the justice?  Why is more money allocated to prosecute petty criminals than to prosecute white collar crimes?  These are the questions we should all ask and demand an answer. 


We must create jobs that pay a decent wage for the working poor and middle class.  We must stop the greed and start allocating money downwards and start building this country from the bottom upwards.  We can no longer stand idly by and allow our current system to destroy this country.  We must change our current course and we must do it now!


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