Boycotting Major Banks!

By David J. Hudson,



Recently Bank of America increased the number of times they will charge for an overdraft fee from five to ten times a day, meaning that customers could lose up to $350 a day for writing bad checks.  They also recently considered raising the overdraft fees from $30 dollars a check to $39, but have since backed off from that particular increase.  How did the overdraft fees get up to $30 a check in the first place?  How did ATM fees get up to $3 per transaction?  Why did congress allow these banks to enact such high fees in the first place?  Where was the representation for the people and not the corporations?


These are the same banks that have received billions in governmental bailout money from the very own tax payers they are continuing to rip off.  Where is the outrage from this?  Where is Fox News on leading the “Tea Party” campaign against charges that affect the average American?  When will the American people say enough is enough and finally let these corporate elites know that this type of behavior and ill-concern for the working class will no longer be tolerated?


Nothing has yet to be done by banks which have already increased interest rates on credit cards up to twenty three percent.  It seems that these corporate bankers are still getting their way even after milking the American people out of billions in tax payer bailout money in which they are the culprits who’s partly the blame for this economic crisis in the first place.  Again I ask, where is the outrage? 


The American people are stretched to the bone and bankers are still trying to get every single penny they can from them to increase their profits.  I call on every American who’s fed up with these corporate crooks to boycott all major banks until they start showing more responsibility and concern for their customers!

I also call on all Americans to hold their congressional representatives responsible for allowing such transgressions to become law and supporting these very same banks that are taking advantage of us all.

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