Corporate Arrogance!

By David J. Hudson,



What does it say about banks who received TARP money from our government with tax payer money and still raises interest rates on credit card customers?  What does that say about their understanding of the difficult economic situation and the struggles of millions of Americans?  It let’s me know that they could care less about average Americans financial pain.  Their only concern is the profit they can generate by such rate increases and the bonuses they can take home.  I know there is talk brewing about introducing a credit card bill of rights and passing laws favoring the consumer but where is the corporate goodwill by banking executives?  No one should have to force you to do the right thing and to treat your customer with some sense of fairness and decency.


With such difficult times for millions of Americans, I find it to be outrageous for banks to be so out of touch with their customers.  Why should it take laws to force you to do what’s right?  I remember a time growing up and the idea of treating your customer right was a prerequisite to staying in business. What ever happened to those times?  Why have we allowed businesses to become too big to fail?  Why have we allowed ourselves to be trampled on by big business?  Why have we allowed our leaders to neglect our concerns for the concerns of corporations? 


I hope we all wake up and stop being so passive in response to how corporations treat us as consumers.  If we would stop allowing banks to become too big to fail, then maybe they would have more of a concern for their customers.  If we started supporting our locally owned community banks and small businesses more, then maybe the customer service and treatment would improve.  It is passed time that we as consumers demand corporate responsibility!  And if there is none to be found, we should take our business to some place that would.

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  1. CVignone  

    Are they, the credit card companies, not concerned with state and federal credit card interest usuary laws?????????????Sue The b#a*s*ta#r#d*s back to the stone age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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