Vote All Republicans Out of Office

 By David J. Hudson,



The Republicans (GOP) are digging a very deep hole for themselves and don’t even realize it.  For eight years Republicans controlled the White House and congress for six years, and we are now witnesses to what their philosophy, corruption, greed, arrogance etc. has caused this country.  We can no longer be fooled by these arrogant, selfish, catering the rich type of people.  America deserves much better. 


The American people voted for change by electing Obama to the Presidency and they continue down the same road that has gotten this country into this horrible financial crisis.  I thought we told them with the recent election that we are sick of their policies and divisive ways to keep this country off track and not toward prosperity.  I ask all of those who voted for change by electing Obama to send another message that is loud and clear that we are tired of the Republicans favoring the rich over the average american, we are sick of them dividing this country for the worse, we are fed up with greed and corruption by governmental, business, and wall street hoodlums and we are fed up with the Republican Party.  Enough is enough!


The Obama administration has proposed pay limits on executives from banks that received TARP money from the bailout and yet Republicans have come out opposing the pay limits.  If you are an average American who’s struggling to provide for your basic necessities, regardless of party affiliation, why would anyone oppose having pay limits on executives who are the main culprits in causing this financial crisis.  Republicans just don’t get it! They only represent the rich and powerful and not the average American.  I hope everyone wakes up and realize that this is not about Democrat or Republican; it’s about doing what benefits the average American and not the rich.


Let’s not forget the 8 years of Republicans being in charge of the White House and Congress and all of the things that are happening now were caused by them.  Two wars that will cost Americans nearly a trillion dollars, the worst financial crisis since the great depression, torture, illegal wire-tapping, greed, corruption, wasting the first half of the 700 billion bailout by giving money to bank executives with no oversight etc.  The Republicans caused all of these things and more, yet they want the new administration to continue down the same road that they have paved for us.  I say NO! I say it’s time that we all wake up and vote overwhelmingly democratic and remove all Republicans from office. 


I ask you all who voted for change to email, fax, call, mail etc. all Republican congressionals and let them know that change has come to this country and that we will no longer tolerate their tired, old, divisive and useless policies.


Join me in the crusade to vote all Republicans out of office.

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  1. Ron Boucke  

    Yea that’s why a state with only 12% registered Republicans routed out the Democrat Senator (what you folks call..Teddy’s Senate seat) with a relative unknown. This election was the biggest slap in the face of you Progressives it not only made you red in the face but it put a halt, albiet it temporary, in your mindless health care bill. If this Scott Brown accomplished this in Mass. what do you think will happen to you thisw November? HUH!
    View the power of the tea party movement!

  2. Lance Woods  

    Good to see a President that works for the people. I for one will vote against all Republicans and get the party of no out of office. Thank you Obama for doing what the people want!

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