Propaganda and Lies

By David J. Hudson,




I can recall my four years serving in the U.S. Army many years ago.  I was young and eager to serve my country.  I even signed up and graduated from airborne school and even thought about becoming a ranger but never did for some reason.  After all these years have passed, I’m glad I didn’t go to ranger school.  It’s been nearly 20 yeas since I’ve been out of the military but only a few years since I’ve been truly enlightened about the country we serve as soldiers in the military. 


I often wonder if our government really cares about the soldiers they send into harms way.  I often ask why private civilian security gets paid two to three times more than soldiers who are doing the same job in more difficult circumstances.  Just look at the soldiers who are serving time in jail for torturing so- called terrorists at the request of their superiors.  They were only following orders, yet they are the ones who are in jail while those who authorized such treatment are free and collecting government retirement and benefits. 


How fair is that system?  We are supposed to be a nation of laws yet we allow the criminals who should be behind bars go free and continue to chastise others.  We allow the hoodlums on Wall Street who created the financial crisis to collect millions more in bonuses and continue to live a life of luxury while millions suffer.  When will this madness end?  When will justice be served?  When will veterans get the respect they truly deserve?


Our government is quick to label those who see the truth and oppose their corrupt policies as terrorists, pirates or some other label.  They tend to feed the American people propaganda presented to us by our corporate owned media.  We’ve all been fed lies and propaganda for all of our lives and we continue to be fed and programmed with it by our media.  Some of us continue to be oblivious, while over the years I’ve become more aware, enlightened and no longer fooled or misled by our long history of misinforming the public.  If you differ with or threaten the U.S policies on issues that doesn’t suit corporate and business interests, you then become a problem and hence comes the labeling of terrorist, pirates etc. 


We as a nation will be better served by respecting other countries religious beliefs, ideas, social and economics policies than to continue a policy from which this country was founded.  Take, kill, invade and steal what you want and the hell with the ramifications of such decisions.  America has yet to repent for all of the damage and destruction it has done throughout its history and we will not prosper as a nation until we acknowledge and repent for the wrongs we have done.


However, I applaud President Obama for his understanding of mutual respect for everyone and his leadership in embracing leaders from all over the world regardless of whether you’re from a rich or poor country, regardless of your native tongue.  He understands that we all need each other to make this world a better place. I applaud President Obama for his honorable attempts to restore America’s image from the eight destructive years of George Bush.  We have a long way to go but the first 100 days has been a good start.

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  1. William  

    You had a good post going here until the last paragraph. You applaud Obama? You need to do more research. AIG, Goldman Sacs and J.P. Morgan execs are his national financial advisors now have been since he was sworn in. The first year is evidence that he is Bush 2 with better speeches wrapped around the same paradygm: Nothing has changed. Look at his campaign platform and look at his actions and you will see nothing one thing: He lied. You wrote this after his first 100 days? What do you think now?
    The elite and wall street have the best saleman they’ve ever had. For now.

  2. Felicia Bryson  

    I couldn’t have put it any better @William

    @ David
    I think that you should edit the list of “Respected Leaders” on this website. Respected by whom?

    Sean Penn. Give me a break. He adds to the long list of ignorant famous people, who decide that now that they have lined their pockets, they want to do something “meaningful” (in order words: stupid) with their lives and go to Venezuela to become a chavista.

    This blog thinks that he should be respected for that? You may want to think that over.

  3. Erwin Stromyer  

    Where did you learn to think that way? We can all benefit from your wisdom.

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