The Big Picture!

By David J. Hudson,



Does anyone get the picture?  Is anyone awake out there?  It seems that everyone is caught up in the rat race of chasing money.  I’m not speaking of those who are forced to work overtime and multiple jobs just to live.  I understand their agony and grief.  I understand the unfairness in our so-called capitalistic society which encourages such economic enslavement.  I don’t believe money is the only answer to our prayers but many believe it is.


We have allowed our educational system to suffer intentionally for the benefit of keeping a high percentage of our population unprepared.  We have allowed greed to distort and corrupt our simple way of living, thinking and treating people.  Money is just an illusion and not something we should crave to attain without conscious.  Whatever happened to our moral compass?  Does the amount of money one makes elevate one above the other?  To believe such is to support a viewpoint that is beyond shallow.  Whatever happened to “Sense of community?”  At some point we could all plead guilty to losing focus on what really matters in life.  But the thing I believe to be important is that we can not continue with a system where the rich keeps getting richer and the middle class teeters towards poverty. 


The big picture is, we are all connected and we stand and fall together as humanity and must somehow remove greed from this equation.  If your life ended today, would you be pleased with the number of lives you’ve affected in a positive way?  Have you made a difference in someone’s life recently?  Life is bigger than you and me.  It’s bigger than the one percent who controls the majority of the money.  It’s bigger than capitalism, bigger than greed and bigger than our corrupted political and economic system.  However, we have all been deceived by those in power, those who control the money. 


We are all distracted and are failing to see that the system we’re under only benefits the few and not the majority.  The system of working everyday and barely making enough to pay for basic living expenses is not the way life should be yet it’s a system crafted by design to keep the masses earning meager wages.  The rich and powerful want the masses to remain enslaved and living on the skirts of poverty and completely beholden and indebted to them.  Distraction is one of their ways of keeping the majority in check.  If you are too busy, concerned about paying bills and having the basic necessities to live, then you won’t be able to realize how the system we live under is corrupt and continues to enslave us all.  


The power of an educated and informed electorate is a public that holds their elected leaders accountable to issues affecting them and not corporations.  It’s no longer being programmed by the media and following what they repeatedly broadcast across the airwaves.  An enlightened public could lead to transformational change that would level the playing field for the majority of our citizens. The powers that be want to keep the public programmed and preoccupied with violence, negativity and race baiting issues which is nothing but a distraction.  With an ill-informed and uneducated public, there is little resistance and better control. 


We are still enslaved regardless of your ethnicity.  It’s not about color, it’s about money.  We are enslaved to big businesses like credit card companies, banks, auto financiers, you name it.  Once the majority gets frustrated or impoverished enough, you may start to see tempers begin to simmer into a boil and then the possibility of people protesting for change.  An uprising however, is long overdue.  It is past time that the working class started demanding better pay, insurance and benefits.  It is time we started enforcing our currently in place immigration laws to counter corporations deliberate attempts to suppress wages by hiring illegal immigrants which overall affects the lifestyle of all Americans and our economy. 


Do you see the big picture?



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