Public Service and Politics

By David J. Hudson,

Growing up as a child, I had thoughts of wanting to become a community organizer, city councilman, and even mayor. I came as close as working at a community center and writing civic editorials where I ended up being selected to read them on the local television station. I was sincere about helping the people in my community. My reasoning for wanting to serve as a public official was to honorably represent the people in my city and look out for their best interests. I wanted to work and speak on their behalf. I wanted to be a voice and vote for issues to their benefit and not their demise.

I often wonder what happened to honor and trust in public service. Today’s politicians run for office not to serve the public, not to give back to their communities but to serve themselves. And we the public, have allowed this type of behavior to continue over and over, election after election for far too long.

We must start demanding more honest and principled leadership to represent us. We have allowed our politics and politicians to divide us and with that division nobody wins but the wealthy. The laws passed and decisions made by our political leaders will have little negative affect on the rich if any. Most times they tend to benefit the rich more than the average citizen. That is why it is incumbent that we elect leaders who have the public interests at heart. That’s why it is important that we elect leaders that are honest, sincere, trustworthy and with no desire to enrich themselves.

Often we find out about political leaders who’ve violated public trust with blatant conflicts of interests where they, their family, close friends or business partners benefited and not the people they represent. And often nothing is done about it and that needs to change. If you’re an elected official and show a taint of conflicting interests, you should resign or be removed from office. This type of callous attitude must stop. We must demand that our political leaders live up to higher standards or else.

Public servant means you serve the public and not special interests, not yourself but the people. It is time we the voter become more politically active, more aware of the issues our political leaders are voting on and hold them all accountable. If we want true change, sometimes we have to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

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