Three Day Work Week

By David J. Hudson,

As Americans we tend to work longer and harder than any other country in the world. We tend to be the greediest in many forms. We are consumed with the love of money, chasing it at every level and at every opportunity. We have allowed our way of life to be polluted with corrupt ideas and beliefs. Personally I am not of the belief that we were created to work and stress as much as we do now. It is the systems set in place by the rich and powerful that continues to enslave us all by working more than what we should. America may be the richest country in the world with many countries following in its footsteps but greed is not good for any nation or its citizenry. Greed only benefits those in power while putting the majority at a complete and utter disadvantage.

As a society, we have succumbed to the belief that having money is the cure to all things in life when that is certainly not the case. The love of money is the cause of a lot of headaches for many people. If we all, collectively, as a society replaced the value of money with having peace, love, tranquility and appreciation for life, we would be much better off.

We have allowed capitalism and greed to destroy our way of life. We have systems in place with the sole purpose of keeping people separated as opposed to united. And the two that comes to mind are money (capitalism) and politics. Money separates us because if you don’t have it, you can’t get certain things and therefore separation occurs. Politics by definition is divisive and should be abolished from our society. If you remove those two out of the equation, we would see dramatic improvement in our society as a whole.

If we remove scarcity from our vocabulary and replace it with abundance, we would also see dramatic changes in the way we live. We have been programmed to believe things are scarce when the opposite is true. We have an abundance of resources and should not be programmed or influenced to think different. The only reasoning for wanting the people to believe in scarcity is to increase profits for the rich. Let me re-state this, we live in abundance and nothing is scarce.

We are here to enjoy life, not to overwork, stress, get sick and die. There should be a three day work week and nothing more. We should spend the majority of our time, doing what we enjoy. Spending time with family, loved ones, vacationing, fishing, gardening, building new relationships, or whatever it is we enjoy.

We should take the love of money from our thoughts and replace it with value on family, community, love, friendship and helping our fellow neighbor. Let’s stop this cycle of greed, selfishness and self-centeredness and start focusing on uplifting everyone, from the bottom upwards.

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