Love is the Key

By: Dhaved Kapel

Life is beautiful and everyone who reflects on it can attest to such conclusion.  However, we are living in a time where a selected few would have us believe that destruction, mayhem, and ugliness prevails all across the land.  Let me be the one to say that is not true.  If you sit down to watch television, all you will see is how horrible the world is, crime, violence, prejudices etc., supposedly are rampant throughout the world.  There is a calculated and deliberate attempt to instill fear into the masses for the purpose of keeping you oppressed, divided and separated from the Truth.  But as Jesus states, “the truth shall make you free,” if only we are receptive to it.  We must be in a receptive mood to receive the Truth and watching television shows that promote fear is not the way.  You can’t expect to receive the sounds of jazz on a station that plays rock and roll can you?  We must align ourselves accordingly to receive the proper station.  And one way of becoming aligned is in the thoughts we think, how we think, the words we speak, the words we hear, the things we see must be pure in nature and not colluded with fear, negativity, or profanity.  And by watching shows, listening to the radio or reading material that focuses only on the bad is not good for your receptivity or your health.  What you allow to penetrate your subconscious mind becomes a part of you and affects you for good or bad, depending on its purity.  We must learn to become aware or conscious of these small tendencies that play a major part in our overall happiness.  It’s the little things we do that make the big difference in our lives.


On the political front, we have our politicians on both sides of the aisle having discourse about issues affecting us all, one side giving out their view and the other side giving out theirs without a will to compromise.  One side hating and the other side hating back; how can we progress forward when one side is moving toward the future and the other is moving toward the past?  Then the question comes to mind whether this is a deliberate design to purposely perpetuate the current system which keeps the control of this country in the hands of a few.  Whether the divide and conquer system is ever renewing itself with a political system designed to perpetuate separation, hate, prejudice and economic disparity heavily tilted in favor of the rich.  My definition of politics is to divide the people, keep them divided so that control is maintained by a few.  However, we must not allow ourselves to get sidetracked or caught up in this battle of hate that generates more hate and divisiveness which leads to continued control by the few.  We must learn that to combat a cold, we must use heat, to combat hate; we must use love and herein, lie our key to affect and bring about change in our political system, in our life and in the world.  Let’s give love to our enemies, to our neighbors, friends, family, and to the world.  Love is the key.

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