Give Love

By Dhaved Kapel


It gives me great pleasure to bring to you something that you may or may not have heard before.  To some it may have been seen or heard of loosely without true interpretation or reception, however, the truth behind it is life changing.  There are millions of people around the world who attend church or some other type of religious service, whose ultimate goal is to have harmony in their lives and with harmony, life is lovely all around.  There are many who refer only to the Bible as their source of Life, guidance and reference but if you look at it plainly, God wrote all the books so if we are looking to expand our consciousness, we must expand our view concerning books and knowledge in general.  If we are looking to bring happiness in our life we must be reborn and by reborn, I do not mean just confessing Jesus is Lord, I mean, dying to your current beliefs of errors in thinking.  To change your life, to be reborn, we must die to current beliefs and thoughts of negative thinking altogether.  You must make it your mission in life, developing habits of positive, affirmative thinking constantly and consistently until the seed is ripe and ready to manifest in your life by bringing harmony and all the things you desire.  Yes, the pleasure, I have is that thoughts of love, and beauty, consistently dwelled upon can change your life, health and everything else for the good.


We all tend to read, hear or see things of great quality and value with certain light-heartedness yet things of impurity, vulgarity and indecency we give credence to and then wonder why our life is in disarray.  You can’t plant an apple seed and expect to get watermelon and so you can’t have thoughts that are impure, negative, filled with anger, frustration, gossiping about others and expect to have a harmonious life.  Life gives you back what you send out.  If you are always complaining about people, circumstances, or just things in general, life will respond back and bring things similar into your life clothed in different situations.  Life returns to you what you send out so if that’s the case, we must become conscious of our thoughts and the words we speak.  Too many are simply not aware of their actions yet always complaining about life.  When you complain, you are sending out negative energy that must return to you negative circumstances to your life.  When you gossip about others, you are sending out negative energy that must return back to you.  So to avoid disharmony, we must take control of our thoughts and consciously make an effort to think positive thoughts and have returned to us positive circumstances.


Give love and receive love.  If someone does you wrong, give love, not hate.  If you would look at this matter from a perspective of self-preservation then maybe you can get a better understanding.  If you say, hey I care about myself and am conscious of my actions therefore, I will give love instead of hate.  If you respond back negatively, you are not hurting the other person, only yourself.  The actions, someone else does, is their own karma and they must be accountable for them but if you respond back angrily or in a negative way, then you have created negative energy that must and will be returned back to you in life.  So give love, speak love, and think love and love will find its home with you.



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