The Right Associations

By Dhaved Kapel


We are often not aware of the importance of whom we associate with and the influence those associations have on our life, health and so on.  Everything is energy, and like attracts like, so it would be incumbent upon us all to associate with people with similar ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc. or risk living a life of poor health, pain, struggle, and discord without knowing the true cause of it and not knowing that those effects are from associating with those of lesser minds.  “Be ye not unequally yoked,” the Bible tells us in II Corinthians 6:14 and so adhering to these words, right associations are pivotal if we want to live a life of harmony.  Now this idea refers to all, family, friends, business associations, you name it, it all affects us.


Many relationships are not in accord with this fundamental concept and therefore suffer with disharmony.  You cannot sustain a harmonious relationship with someone whose ideas, beliefs or thinking is not on the same accord or plane as yours.  This is a fundamental fact.  You may over time, choose to ignore, overlook or just remain in it for other reasons but true happiness will be missing and you’ll continue to injure yourself while remaining together.  And so people choose to be unhappy, rather than make a decision of getting in tune with themselves and in time attracting the right person in their life.


There is symbology all throughout life that relates things to our life if we are attuned and awakened enough to recognize them.  For example, in math, we have a negative and a positive that equal a negative.  A negative person associating with a positive person will eventually drain the positive person’s energy down to a negative level, therefore causing them to vibrate on the level of negativity which in turn attracts circumstances of such in their life.  A positive and a positive equal a positive which is good.  A negative and a negative equal a positive, now look at this from the standpoint of two people who are both vibrating on a low level producing negative energy and both in their reality are reinforcing one another’s negative beliefs and therefore making their negative beliefs positive to them.  This is why it is important who we choose to associate with because that decision can affect our lives for good or bad.


Why does it matter whom I associate with?  Everything is energy, again I say, like attracts like, thoughts and beliefs affect your life, health, finances, happiness etc.  What you accept as true in your life is what’s actually manifested in your life.  If you are constantly around someone who’s complaining, who has a conception of poverty, no goals, aspiration, or just simply ignorant to the laws of the universe that thoughts are things, then you by association will eventually absorb this person’s negative beliefs and thereby bring the same to you.


Do you ever see a rich person associating with a poor person or an educated person associating with an uneducated person?  It would be better to be alone than to be around someone who’s vibrating on a negative level or someone whose thinking is not on par with yours.  Associating with the right people will make all the difference in your life.  The choice is your

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