Obstruction to Truth

By Dhaved Kapel


The path forward to experiencing complete happiness and harmony in life is Truth.  This path, however, is being obstructed mostly by ego and ignorance.  While many desire Truth, many are still clinging to their current beliefs and there is no possible way to place oneself in position to receive Truth if the channel to receive it is clogged up with a false belief system.  We are like children still believing in Santa Claus by holding on to beliefs and traditions of the old that has only brought us suffering, pain, division, self-hatred, and struggles; everything except harmony in our life.


“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God,” John 3:3.  Your thinking must change, you must reject your lower self which is the ego and acknowledge and accept your Higher Self, which is the God in you.  The battle is not between you and the world but between your Lower and Higher Self.  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” John 8:32.  We need to start looking at the Bible as not something passively relating to the past but actively alive at this present moment.  The only thing that matters is now and so when we read or interpret the Bible or any spiritually based book, we need to view it as now.  We should take it and apply it to our lives as the Truth and not just read and accept it passively as to say, it won’t affect my life if I apply these principles.


The ego, prevents us from being open to the Truth, the ego prevents one from listening without interrupting someone who’s probably attempted to share it with you.  The ego has you argumentative, and defensive instead of loving, cooperative and receptive.  The ego being your lower self is the thing that keeps the truth away from you and therefore keeping you away from discovering who you truly are.  The ego is the cloud blocking the view of the sun that will bring light to your life.  The ego is preventing you from listening to or seeing the Truth.  The ego is shielding you from the knowledge needed to open the door of Truth.  If someone is attempting to tell you not to get on a plane because they know it’s going to crash, you won’t listen to them and get on the plane anyway because of your ego.  A person may recommend a book for you to read and you passively or flat out fail to receive the idea and that book may contain the knowledge to transform your life, however you allow your ego to persuade you differently. And by such refusal, you continue to suffer, complain, criticize, and live a life flowing upstream.  However, once you reject your ego and do it on a continual, daily basis, until the point where it has been spiritualized, then you will begin to open the door to your Higher Self and flow downstream and enjoy the abundance thereof.  Only then will you shift from the winds of change to the stability and assuredness of God’s Love.


There is symbology all throughout life, and another example is the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His dying on the cross is the sign that we must die to our current concept of who we are to be resurrected into who we truly are, which is God.  We must reject the ego, the lower concept of ourselves and acknowledge and accept our Higher Self.  And until this is done, life will continue to be a thing of discord and disharmony.


Therefore to be awakened to Truth one must become conscious of Truth.  If you are unconscious and someone speaks to you or attempts to expose you to knowledge in some way, you will not receive it because you are not conscious of knowledge and therefore not in a receptive mode.  It will pass you right by.  It’s like reading a book and missing the message of the book; no matter how many times you read it, you will miss the message until you are in the mode to receive.  So if you want to be awakened to Truth, you must first desire it, otherwise, you will continue to be oblivious to it.


Ignorance is only a lack of knowledge, not knowing and so once you desire knowledge which is Truth, it will come into your life.  Once you begin to question the false belief system you currently have, and desire for something new and better, it will come.  And when you begin to get the first signs of it and enjoy the taste thereof, then you’ll be lead slowly but surely along the path to more and more.  It will be like climbing a mountain, slowly but surely.  And what a wonderful feeling and journey it will be.


Now we must seek and desire the Truth to unblock the obstruction to it.  In most cases those who have received the truth, the ego had to be spiritualized, meaning one probably have gone through something that was quite humbling in order to have reduced the ego to a point that would allow the Higher Self to appear.  Acknowledging the power that is already within you is the first step to changing your life.  There is no need to point up in the sky, just look within and you’ll find the answer.





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