The Internal Factor

By Dhaved Kapel

When we look at something, we tend to view only the outside without considering the inside.  How many of us would just look at the hours of sunrise to sundown or 6 am to 6pm and consider it to be the whole entire day without the remainder totaling twenty-four hours?  You can’t just count half a day and call it the entire day.  How many would bake a cake and only use half of all the necessary ingredients needed?  Would you consider having a relationship with someone who’s beautiful on the outside but on the inside, their mind is not harmonious with yours?  If so, the relationship wouldn’t last simply because it would be incomplete by lacking the necessary harmony.  Life must be looked at from the standpoint of the Whole not half, not only the external side of life, not only the material side but also the spiritual side which is really the originating side of life.  To create, or bring into physical manifestation we must first start on the inside which many of us fail to understand or acknowledge this most important step to bringing forth anything in life.  Most of us are unconscious of this process which does occur whether you are aware of it or not.  Everything starts on the inside, everything.  There are no exceptions.  However, by relying on external sources to bring real change in your life without first starting on the inside, you are thereby subjecting yourself to the falsity of such.  You are thereby subjecting yourself to the instability, constant change and unreliability that represent the external, earth side of life.  You have thereby shown faith in something that is not real and the results therefore will be unreal.  The only reality is consciousness, the life within you, the God in you.


There are many who are misled to believe that you can permanently change your life by starting externally as opposed to internally.  Many are programmed by television; radio etc. in believing it is possible.  However, it is not.  For someone who’s overweight and looking to lose weight, and using exercise programs, weight-loss antics, or whatever you choose to call it, will maybe make some progress but it will not be permanent unless you first start within by first claiming that you are already what you want to be.  A person who’s addicted to alcohol or drugs and subjected to external programs thinking it will bring permanent results is frankly disillusioned or misled.  To change anything in your life, it must first start from within, the power within you, the God within you.  You must acknowledge this presence and ask for guidance and you will be lead step by step to what will help you reach your desired goal.


This may seem simple but it is the Truth.  And in all sincerity, the Truth is always simple.  It is only man who tends to complicate things and make them more difficult than what they actually are, to have you thinking externally instead of internally.  To have you puzzled, distracted and confused and therefore dependent on various products that will supposedly be your savior when in actuality, you are your very own Savior.  You must persistently seek your inner guidance and claim that you are already the person you want to be.  If you want to weigh a certain amount, say to yourself, I am this weight and speak and think of it often and lo, after a while you will start seeing signs of progress.  You will be guided to things to do, things to eat, etc. that will produce the results you desire.  The same goes for someone who’s addicted to alcohol or drugs, just claim that you are healthy and pure and speak and think it often without fail and you will become what you think.  For any medical condition, if you would just change your thoughts to I AM Whole, I AM healthy and keep it in mind; results must come forth to provide proof of your claim.


Let’s not be misled any longer in believing in the outside before the inside.  Everything in life starts on the inside.  The car that you drive or the residence where you live was first created in the mind of the designer before it was ever created physically and the same goes for anything in life.  To bring change, you must start within, utilizing the internal factor, the God in you.





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