Stones for Bread

By Dhaved Kapel


Many are hungry and need to be fed.  Many seek guidance but are being fed stones for bread.  Millions of people are in search of the Truth and so seek this Truth by attending religious services every Sunday.  They go to religious services for years upon years yet the harmony and happiness remains absent from their lives.  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” John 8:32.  If you are exposed to the truth, your life should change, you should have a complete shift in your thinking, living, and circumstances of your life.  Religious services are now more about giving you a recipe that is incomplete, missing the main ingredients.  How many of you would go and purchase an apple pie and everything was there except the apple?  Would you continue to purchase from the store you bought it from?  This is exactly what is going on in most religious services today.  If you are not being told about the universal laws that you can apply yourself personally to improve your life, then you are being fed stones for bread.  If your life hasn’t improved after years of attending services, then you are being fed stones for bread.  You still believe in a Santa Claus that doesn’t exist.  Universal laws when applied will expose you to the Truth that will make you free.  This is what religious services should be exposing you to and not just talking about the “Juniper Tree,” and “Tithing.”  You should be exposed to laws like the “Law of Attraction.”  That you attract in your life what you think, the conception you have of yourself is reflected back upon you and so on; universal or spiritual laws that will bring the happiness and harmony that you seek into your lives.


If someone has been chosen to preach the word, then they most certainly will be led by the Supreme Power to preach the Truth without leading their flock down a path of continued struggle and disharmony.  They will not have a fear of lack by withholding the truth from you and giving you the apple pie without the apple but instead embrace and spread the Truth.  They will lead a life themselves of continuing to strive for purity of body and mind.  When someone is chosen, their steps are guided by God and those they lead will know it.  It’s something that cannot be hidden because the glow of God is a shine that brightens not only that person’s life but all of those whom he or she comes in contact with.  We must awaken and stop following someone who’s in it for self-aggrandizement and unable to share the Truth, simply because they themselves do not know the Truth; simply because they themselves have not been called to preach the Truth.  If you haven’t been called, then, you are blind leading the blind and all will end up in the land of the lost.  We must break with the cycle of going to services every Sunday listening to someone talk for twenty minutes and then go back to a life of struggle.  Religious services should be less about talking and more about living a life of love and compassion; about living a life of continuing to seek the expansion of one’s own consciousness.  If you have been going to church for numerous years and haven’t achieved a level of harmony and happiness in your life, then you are eating an apple pie without the apple and you should consider a different recipe for success, for the Truth.


We must first come to understand that we are victims of a “system” of Religion that’s main purpose is to keep the Truth away from the masses by disseminating bits and pieces of it; giving us the pie without the apple.  However in some instances, there are pastors, preachers, bishops, priests etc., who simply don’t know the Truth themselves, and again I say, the blind leading the blind caught up in a “system” of falsity.  They are teaching the Bible from their level of understanding which is a level that affords no true enlightenment.  Jesus never taught a system, his ministering was about the unfoldment and the working of spiritual laws that you can apply to your daily lives and by doing so, will make you free.


This brings me to the subject of tithing.  Tithing is not about giving ten percent to the church, it’s about giving your desires to God.  You are the temple of God, the storehouse is your consciousness, you are God, so you give your thoughts and desires to the God in you by claiming the things you desire to be.   Such as claiming, “I AM beautiful,”  “I AM healthy,” I am wealthy,” and so on.  By controlling your thinking and directing your thoughts in the direction of  the positive and only focusing on the good and turning your back against what you don’t want in your life.  This is tithing.  Again, the Truth when exposed to, it shall make you free. How can someone who’s currently not in the position to give ten percent, give ten percent and be happy?  God is not about bringing pain but love and harmony.  You give to the Lord by giving your desires, by claiming the things you want as though you already have them.


We are all climbing the mountain in search of Truth which in turn will bring harmony and happiness to our lives.  Each person is responsible for the path they take and the discovery of the Truth.  If we are diligent and sincere in this quest, the Truth will surely be revealed, however, if you choose to continue down a path of wrong thinking and beliefs, then you too, are held accountable for such actions and will continue to experience the pains and struggles of life until the Truth is awakened within you.



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