Going Back Local

By David J. Hudson


I can recall a time when the father was the sole financial provider and the only one who worked outside of the home.  Yes, the times were different, less consumerism, less greed, and more community based ideals.  I can recall families enjoying their communities more back then than now.  With the decrease of our family and moral values, and increase in corruption, easy money making and greed, we have allowed our entire society and communities to suffer as a whole.  We have more families struggling to survive than as far as I can recall.  We have families who need both spouses to work, not one job but most times two or more jobs just to stay afloat financially.  This shouldn’t be the case and should no longer be accepted by a public that wishes to regain the family and moral ground we’ve lost over the past few decades.

What we need is a complete paradigm shift back to what really matters.  We need to get back to the basics of community living.   

Getting back to the basics starts with me and you, no more trying to keep up with the “Jones’,” no more living beyond our means and no more patronizing major corporations.  We need to get back to being local community shoppers.  Stop giving these arrogant, corporate pigs our money so that they can continue to abuse their customers, outsource jobs, increase their profitability, bonuses and buy more extravagant homes and yachts.  It is way past time that the American consumer took a stand and started demanding change by boycotting these near monopolies that our government has allowed to get “Too big to fail.”  We the consumer really do have the power to change things if we all worked together and stopped shopping at their stores and stopped using their credit cards and banks.  Let’s give our hard earned money to those businesses that we see, know and trust.  By going back local, we are investing in our very own communities and not elsewhere. 

Whatever happened to business’s providing exceptional customer service and truly caring about the people in the community?  Well we have all seen over the years that you lose quality service with major corporations who utilize foreign call centers, and seem to be more concerned about increasing profits for their shareholders than its customers.  I recently had the experience of a major credit card company that attempted to charge me an annual fee of $59.00 to utilize its credit card in which I strongly disagreed.  I called and asked them to remove the fee and the representative told me that they couldn’t remove it, so I requested to speak with a supervisor and the supervisor told me that they could not remove the fee.  After speaking with those two, I asked that my card be cancelled because I was not willing to pay such a fee.  After being transferred to the cancellation department, the representative was kind and apologetic and agreed to waive the annual fee.  The reason I wanted to share this experience is to point out the different levels of resistance I encountered in trying to remove a simple annual fee that shouldn’t be charged in the first place.  Banks and other corporations only want to take advantage of its customers and not give them the quality and professional service they deserve in which community banks and small businesses have no problem in providing.  By going local, you would avoid the unnecessary roadblocks and headaches that our major corporations insist on giving.

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