Economic Oppression

By David J. Hudson

The slave trade, bondage and actual ownership of slaves are supposedly over but enslavement continues for the majority of people throughout America and the world. Many are enslaved economically yet blindly and unknowingly accept it. If you did the research, you would discover that our constitution was written by the few and for the few. If the constitution was to include and represent everyone, there would have been more representatives involved in its construction, which was not the case.
Yes, we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms in our constitution yet the bill of rights was added 100 years later. Our system was not designed with the majority of its citizenry in mind and this philosophy continues to this present day.

A lot of today’s wealth is linked to slavery. Most corporations have gotten a great start financially with hundreds of years of free labor. Is it fair for those who seek a decent life to be subjected to unfair economic policies that strictly favor the rich? This is not about race but instead money and power. And it is past time we close the gap of poverty and prosperity.

The most recent economic crisis has brought to light a lot of things that our government and corporations do to keep the masses of people trapped in poverty. It is my humble opinion to state that poverty is created and maintained by our government and the wealthy so that our system of inequality can continue as is and unabated. Laws are written that favor corporations over small businesses which keeps the playing field unequal and slanted in favor of big business over local communities and only the little guy suffers. This philosophy shares some blame for our recent economic downfall.

The philosophy of “Too Big To Fail” is a host and laws should be passed immediately to remedy this problem. We should never allow a company to get “Too big to fail.” The 700 billion used to bail out companies who helped in the creation of the financial crisis would have been better served by giving that money directly to the people who need it the most. Why on earth would the government give money to the very companies that drove their business into a ditch while its people continue to struggle? It is completely unfair but our system is created to support and help the rich and well-connected and not the majority of its people. This system must be changed or the gap of the rich and poor will continue to widen benefiting only the rich.

The march to change starts with you; I’m ready, are you?

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