An Unfair System!

David J. Hudson,

As long as capitalism exists, poverty, separation, and inequality will continue in its destruction of our society. The systems constructed in both government and the private sector is heavily tilted in favor of those with power and money. The working class, the working poor, the average citizen doesn’t stand a chance under this capitalistic system.

It is completely unrealistic to think that under this current system, we can all reap the benefits of achieving the “American Dream.” It was designed to cater to and benefit only a small percentage of people while the majority struggle in the pursuit of a great illusion.

Under the capitalistic system, divide and conquer, fear, desperation, poor education and hopelessness are tools used to keep those at the top on top and those on the bottom to remain there. But with an informed and educated citizenry, the masses would not tolerate what is currently taking place under this system.

To better understand the disadvantages, picture yourself as a football team starting the game down 28 – 0 and up against a formidable team who is much bigger, quicker, better trained, better equipped and better positioned to win every down, every quarter and every game that’s played.

Is that fair? Is it right? What are you going to do about it?

We must change this system of enslavement to a system where the majority of people benefit instead of a few. If not for our future, we must do so for our children’s future. It can be done but we must all join in and take the first step toward real change and that time is now!

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  1. Thomas  

    I agree 100% but isn’t up to us, people are more passionate about sports than world issues, sometimes I feel we deserve the system we have, Americans will always vote against their own interests, something I will never understand.

    Only until lobbyists are outlawed and the federal reserve is abolished will we see equality, but again it’s up to the people to make some noise.

    I man can dream, can’t he?

  2. Bert анальный  

    It was a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

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