You Are Change

By David J. Hudson


Here I am sitting at my desk, working and surfing the web

And just thinking about how I’ve changed as a person over the years.

How my beliefs as a child were guided by family, friends, peers and society as a whole but no more.

And now several years older, wiser and many more years enlightened

My thoughts and beliefs are much different now.

I’m more aware, more conscious of the universe and the role it plays in my life.

It amazes me still of how the trials and tribulations continue to form who I am;

Continues to re-define me as a person

And I realize how powerful the word “Change” is

And how much it’s overlooked and under appreciated

You see, no matter what you’re going through

No matter what you’re facing in life – it can change!

You can change it – and I realize this now more than ever!

You are the change you are looking for!

You are the change and it all resides within you

With your thoughts, with your attitude about life in general

Change is the only constant we have in this universe

You must embrace it, understand it and accept it.

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