Time To Take a Stand!

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change


Hello World!  Hello America!  I can feel the emotions of most Americans starting to brew and you know what? It’s about time.  It’s time for us all to wake up and take a stand.  Not as a Democrat, Republican or Independent but as Americans, as human beings.  Let us all put aside our petty differences and start working together for the common good of mankind.  Let’s create a paradigm shift in the way we think and act and no longer succumb to the mass media.  Let’s no longer allow ourselves to be programmed with information not of our choosing.  Let’s start patronizing businesses that have our best interest at heart and boycotting those that are unfair in their practices, unfair to their employees yet reward executives up to 250 times more financially. Enough with CEO’s resigning, retiring or getting fired and yet walking away with 50 million or more regardless of how they ran the company.  It’s time to take a stand.  Let’s no longer be distracted by race but come together as one and question the wealthiest one percent.  Why must you have so much and we have so little?  Why must you have so much and poverty is still rampant throughout our country and this world?  Why spend nearly a Trillion Dollars or more on an unjust war when those monies could have been used for Jobs, Education, Healthcare etc. That of course is their greatest fear – the coming together of all races to address this great disparity, this great travesty.  It’s time to take a stand.  Let’s take a look at how small businesses affect our communities and start giving them our support.  Let’s take a look at corporations having too much power and influence in politics therefore dictating to our elected officials their views and the things that benefit them and not us.  It’s time for our elected officials to start working for us and not the lobbyists and corporations.  It’s time to say no to corruption in our government and yes to decent paying jobs, a fair judicial system to all races, fair immigration laws with respect to those who abide by the law and not those who break it, yes to fair trade for all countries especially those poor nations, yes to campaign finance reform, yes to increasing the minimum wage and no to pay increases for politicians alone, yes to protecting our borders and the list goes on.  Why must our political leaders be provided with Heathcare benefits, a pension plan etc. and yet we have over 45 million americans without healthcare.  Let’s get organized from the grass roots to the mainstream to voice our displeasure at how our country is being run.  Let’s be heard loud and clear.  No more abuse by corporations, no more outsourcing of American jobs, no
more cheap labor.  With the wealth of this country, everyone should be paid at a decent rate to be able to live comfortably and provide for his or her family.  Let’s not allow corporate and governmental greed to destroy our lives and the lives of others throughout this world for the benefit of a few.  It’s time to take a stand and that time is now.

Please join me in this crusade to change the world!


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