Economic Oppression

By David J. Hudson

The slave trade, bondage and actual ownership of slaves are supposedly over but enslavement continues for the majority of people throughout America and the world. Many are enslaved economically yet blindly and unknowingly accept it. If you did the research, you would discover that our constitution was written by the few and for the few. If the constitution was to include and represent everyone, there would have been more representatives involved in its construction, which was not the case.
Yes, we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms in our constitution yet the bill of rights was added 100 years later. Our system was not designed with the majority of its citizenry in mind and this philosophy continues to this present day.

A lot of today’s wealth is linked to slavery. Most corporations have gotten a great start financially with hundreds of years of free labor. Is it fair for those who seek a decent life to be subjected to unfair economic policies that strictly favor the rich? This is not about race but instead money and power. And it is past time we close the gap of poverty and prosperity.

The most recent economic crisis has brought to light a lot of things that our government and corporations do to keep the masses of people trapped in poverty. It is my humble opinion to state that poverty is created and maintained by our government and the wealthy so that our system of inequality can continue as is and unabated. Laws are written that favor corporations over small businesses which keeps the playing field unequal and slanted in favor of big business over local communities and only the little guy suffers. This philosophy shares some blame for our recent economic downfall.

The philosophy of “Too Big To Fail” is a host and laws should be passed immediately to remedy this problem. We should never allow a company to get “Too big to fail.” The 700 billion used to bail out companies who helped in the creation of the financial crisis would have been better served by giving that money directly to the people who need it the most. Why on earth would the government give money to the very companies that drove their business into a ditch while its people continue to struggle? It is completely unfair but our system is created to support and help the rich and well-connected and not the majority of its people. This system must be changed or the gap of the rich and poor will continue to widen benefiting only the rich.

The march to change starts with you; I’m ready, are you?

Going Back Local

By David J. Hudson


I can recall a time when the father was the sole financial provider and the only one who worked outside of the home.  Yes, the times were different, less consumerism, less greed, and more community based ideals.  I can recall families enjoying their communities more back then than now.  With the decrease of our family and moral values, and increase in corruption, easy money making and greed, we have allowed our entire society and communities to suffer as a whole.  We have more families struggling to survive than as far as I can recall.  We have families who need both spouses to work, not one job but most times two or more jobs just to stay afloat financially.  This shouldn’t be the case and should no longer be accepted by a public that wishes to regain the family and moral ground we’ve lost over the past few decades.

What we need is a complete paradigm shift back to what really matters.  We need to get back to the basics of community living.   

Getting back to the basics starts with me and you, no more trying to keep up with the “Jones’,” no more living beyond our means and no more patronizing major corporations.  We need to get back to being local community shoppers.  Stop giving these arrogant, corporate pigs our money so that they can continue to abuse their customers, outsource jobs, increase their profitability, bonuses and buy more extravagant homes and yachts.  It is way past time that the American consumer took a stand and started demanding change by boycotting these near monopolies that our government has allowed to get “Too big to fail.”  We the consumer really do have the power to change things if we all worked together and stopped shopping at their stores and stopped using their credit cards and banks.  Let’s give our hard earned money to those businesses that we see, know and trust.  By going back local, we are investing in our very own communities and not elsewhere. 

Whatever happened to business’s providing exceptional customer service and truly caring about the people in the community?  Well we have all seen over the years that you lose quality service with major corporations who utilize foreign call centers, and seem to be more concerned about increasing profits for their shareholders than its customers.  I recently had the experience of a major credit card company that attempted to charge me an annual fee of $59.00 to utilize its credit card in which I strongly disagreed.  I called and asked them to remove the fee and the representative told me that they couldn’t remove it, so I requested to speak with a supervisor and the supervisor told me that they could not remove the fee.  After speaking with those two, I asked that my card be cancelled because I was not willing to pay such a fee.  After being transferred to the cancellation department, the representative was kind and apologetic and agreed to waive the annual fee.  The reason I wanted to share this experience is to point out the different levels of resistance I encountered in trying to remove a simple annual fee that shouldn’t be charged in the first place.  Banks and other corporations only want to take advantage of its customers and not give them the quality and professional service they deserve in which community banks and small businesses have no problem in providing.  By going local, you would avoid the unnecessary roadblocks and headaches that our major corporations insist on giving.

Three Day Work Week

By David J. Hudson,

As Americans we tend to work longer and harder than any other country in the world. We tend to be the greediest in many forms. We are consumed with the love of money, chasing it at every level and at every opportunity. We have allowed our way of life to be polluted with corrupt ideas and beliefs. Personally I am not of the belief that we were created to work and stress as much as we do now. It is the systems set in place by the rich and powerful that continues to enslave us all by working more than what we should. America may be the richest country in the world with many countries following in its footsteps but greed is not good for any nation or its citizenry. Greed only benefits those in power while putting the majority at a complete and utter disadvantage.

As a society, we have succumbed to the belief that having money is the cure to all things in life when that is certainly not the case. The love of money is the cause of a lot of headaches for many people. If we all, collectively, as a society replaced the value of money with having peace, love, tranquility and appreciation for life, we would be much better off.

We have allowed capitalism and greed to destroy our way of life. We have systems in place with the sole purpose of keeping people separated as opposed to united. And the two that comes to mind are money (capitalism) and politics. Money separates us because if you don’t have it, you can’t get certain things and therefore separation occurs. Politics by definition is divisive and should be abolished from our society. If you remove those two out of the equation, we would see dramatic improvement in our society as a whole.

If we remove scarcity from our vocabulary and replace it with abundance, we would also see dramatic changes in the way we live. We have been programmed to believe things are scarce when the opposite is true. We have an abundance of resources and should not be programmed or influenced to think different. The only reasoning for wanting the people to believe in scarcity is to increase profits for the rich. Let me re-state this, we live in abundance and nothing is scarce.

We are here to enjoy life, not to overwork, stress, get sick and die. There should be a three day work week and nothing more. We should spend the majority of our time, doing what we enjoy. Spending time with family, loved ones, vacationing, fishing, gardening, building new relationships, or whatever it is we enjoy.

We should take the love of money from our thoughts and replace it with value on family, community, love, friendship and helping our fellow neighbor. Let’s stop this cycle of greed, selfishness and self-centeredness and start focusing on uplifting everyone, from the bottom upwards.

Public Service and Politics

By David J. Hudson,

Growing up as a child, I had thoughts of wanting to become a community organizer, city councilman, and even mayor. I came as close as working at a community center and writing civic editorials where I ended up being selected to read them on the local television station. I was sincere about helping the people in my community. My reasoning for wanting to serve as a public official was to honorably represent the people in my city and look out for their best interests. I wanted to work and speak on their behalf. I wanted to be a voice and vote for issues to their benefit and not their demise.

I often wonder what happened to honor and trust in public service. Today’s politicians run for office not to serve the public, not to give back to their communities but to serve themselves. And we the public, have allowed this type of behavior to continue over and over, election after election for far too long.

We must start demanding more honest and principled leadership to represent us. We have allowed our politics and politicians to divide us and with that division nobody wins but the wealthy. The laws passed and decisions made by our political leaders will have little negative affect on the rich if any. Most times they tend to benefit the rich more than the average citizen. That is why it is incumbent that we elect leaders who have the public interests at heart. That’s why it is important that we elect leaders that are honest, sincere, trustworthy and with no desire to enrich themselves.

Often we find out about political leaders who’ve violated public trust with blatant conflicts of interests where they, their family, close friends or business partners benefited and not the people they represent. And often nothing is done about it and that needs to change. If you’re an elected official and show a taint of conflicting interests, you should resign or be removed from office. This type of callous attitude must stop. We must demand that our political leaders live up to higher standards or else.

Public servant means you serve the public and not special interests, not yourself but the people. It is time we the voter become more politically active, more aware of the issues our political leaders are voting on and hold them all accountable. If we want true change, sometimes we have to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

The Big Picture!

By David J. Hudson,



Does anyone get the picture?  Is anyone awake out there?  It seems that everyone is caught up in the rat race of chasing money.  I’m not speaking of those who are forced to work overtime and multiple jobs just to live.  I understand their agony and grief.  I understand the unfairness in our so-called capitalistic society which encourages such economic enslavement.  I don’t believe money is the only answer to our prayers but many believe it is.


We have allowed our educational system to suffer intentionally for the benefit of keeping a high percentage of our population unprepared.  We have allowed greed to distort and corrupt our simple way of living, thinking and treating people.  Money is just an illusion and not something we should crave to attain without conscious.  Whatever happened to our moral compass?  Does the amount of money one makes elevate one above the other?  To believe such is to support a viewpoint that is beyond shallow.  Whatever happened to “Sense of community?”  At some point we could all plead guilty to losing focus on what really matters in life.  But the thing I believe to be important is that we can not continue with a system where the rich keeps getting richer and the middle class teeters towards poverty. 


The big picture is, we are all connected and we stand and fall together as humanity and must somehow remove greed from this equation.  If your life ended today, would you be pleased with the number of lives you’ve affected in a positive way?  Have you made a difference in someone’s life recently?  Life is bigger than you and me.  It’s bigger than the one percent who controls the majority of the money.  It’s bigger than capitalism, bigger than greed and bigger than our corrupted political and economic system.  However, we have all been deceived by those in power, those who control the money. 


We are all distracted and are failing to see that the system we’re under only benefits the few and not the majority.  The system of working everyday and barely making enough to pay for basic living expenses is not the way life should be yet it’s a system crafted by design to keep the masses earning meager wages.  The rich and powerful want the masses to remain enslaved and living on the skirts of poverty and completely beholden and indebted to them.  Distraction is one of their ways of keeping the majority in check.  If you are too busy, concerned about paying bills and having the basic necessities to live, then you won’t be able to realize how the system we live under is corrupt and continues to enslave us all.  


The power of an educated and informed electorate is a public that holds their elected leaders accountable to issues affecting them and not corporations.  It’s no longer being programmed by the media and following what they repeatedly broadcast across the airwaves.  An enlightened public could lead to transformational change that would level the playing field for the majority of our citizens. The powers that be want to keep the public programmed and preoccupied with violence, negativity and race baiting issues which is nothing but a distraction.  With an ill-informed and uneducated public, there is little resistance and better control. 


We are still enslaved regardless of your ethnicity.  It’s not about color, it’s about money.  We are enslaved to big businesses like credit card companies, banks, auto financiers, you name it.  Once the majority gets frustrated or impoverished enough, you may start to see tempers begin to simmer into a boil and then the possibility of people protesting for change.  An uprising however, is long overdue.  It is past time that the working class started demanding better pay, insurance and benefits.  It is time we started enforcing our currently in place immigration laws to counter corporations deliberate attempts to suppress wages by hiring illegal immigrants which overall affects the lifestyle of all Americans and our economy. 


Do you see the big picture?



Propaganda and Lies

By David J. Hudson,




I can recall my four years serving in the U.S. Army many years ago.  I was young and eager to serve my country.  I even signed up and graduated from airborne school and even thought about becoming a ranger but never did for some reason.  After all these years have passed, I’m glad I didn’t go to ranger school.  It’s been nearly 20 yeas since I’ve been out of the military but only a few years since I’ve been truly enlightened about the country we serve as soldiers in the military. 


I often wonder if our government really cares about the soldiers they send into harms way.  I often ask why private civilian security gets paid two to three times more than soldiers who are doing the same job in more difficult circumstances.  Just look at the soldiers who are serving time in jail for torturing so- called terrorists at the request of their superiors.  They were only following orders, yet they are the ones who are in jail while those who authorized such treatment are free and collecting government retirement and benefits. 


How fair is that system?  We are supposed to be a nation of laws yet we allow the criminals who should be behind bars go free and continue to chastise others.  We allow the hoodlums on Wall Street who created the financial crisis to collect millions more in bonuses and continue to live a life of luxury while millions suffer.  When will this madness end?  When will justice be served?  When will veterans get the respect they truly deserve?


Our government is quick to label those who see the truth and oppose their corrupt policies as terrorists, pirates or some other label.  They tend to feed the American people propaganda presented to us by our corporate owned media.  We’ve all been fed lies and propaganda for all of our lives and we continue to be fed and programmed with it by our media.  Some of us continue to be oblivious, while over the years I’ve become more aware, enlightened and no longer fooled or misled by our long history of misinforming the public.  If you differ with or threaten the U.S policies on issues that doesn’t suit corporate and business interests, you then become a problem and hence comes the labeling of terrorist, pirates etc. 


We as a nation will be better served by respecting other countries religious beliefs, ideas, social and economics policies than to continue a policy from which this country was founded.  Take, kill, invade and steal what you want and the hell with the ramifications of such decisions.  America has yet to repent for all of the damage and destruction it has done throughout its history and we will not prosper as a nation until we acknowledge and repent for the wrongs we have done.


However, I applaud President Obama for his understanding of mutual respect for everyone and his leadership in embracing leaders from all over the world regardless of whether you’re from a rich or poor country, regardless of your native tongue.  He understands that we all need each other to make this world a better place. I applaud President Obama for his honorable attempts to restore America’s image from the eight destructive years of George Bush.  We have a long way to go but the first 100 days has been a good start.

Vote All Republicans Out of Office

 By David J. Hudson,



The Republicans (GOP) are digging a very deep hole for themselves and don’t even realize it.  For eight years Republicans controlled the White House and congress for six years, and we are now witnesses to what their philosophy, corruption, greed, arrogance etc. has caused this country.  We can no longer be fooled by these arrogant, selfish, catering the rich type of people.  America deserves much better. 


The American people voted for change by electing Obama to the Presidency and they continue down the same road that has gotten this country into this horrible financial crisis.  I thought we told them with the recent election that we are sick of their policies and divisive ways to keep this country off track and not toward prosperity.  I ask all of those who voted for change by electing Obama to send another message that is loud and clear that we are tired of the Republicans favoring the rich over the average american, we are sick of them dividing this country for the worse, we are fed up with greed and corruption by governmental, business, and wall street hoodlums and we are fed up with the Republican Party.  Enough is enough!


The Obama administration has proposed pay limits on executives from banks that received TARP money from the bailout and yet Republicans have come out opposing the pay limits.  If you are an average American who’s struggling to provide for your basic necessities, regardless of party affiliation, why would anyone oppose having pay limits on executives who are the main culprits in causing this financial crisis.  Republicans just don’t get it! They only represent the rich and powerful and not the average American.  I hope everyone wakes up and realize that this is not about Democrat or Republican; it’s about doing what benefits the average American and not the rich.


Let’s not forget the 8 years of Republicans being in charge of the White House and Congress and all of the things that are happening now were caused by them.  Two wars that will cost Americans nearly a trillion dollars, the worst financial crisis since the great depression, torture, illegal wire-tapping, greed, corruption, wasting the first half of the 700 billion bailout by giving money to bank executives with no oversight etc.  The Republicans caused all of these things and more, yet they want the new administration to continue down the same road that they have paved for us.  I say NO! I say it’s time that we all wake up and vote overwhelmingly democratic and remove all Republicans from office. 


I ask you all who voted for change to email, fax, call, mail etc. all Republican congressionals and let them know that change has come to this country and that we will no longer tolerate their tired, old, divisive and useless policies.


Join me in the crusade to vote all Republicans out of office.

Corporate Arrogance!

By David J. Hudson,



What does it say about banks who received TARP money from our government with tax payer money and still raises interest rates on credit card customers?  What does that say about their understanding of the difficult economic situation and the struggles of millions of Americans?  It let’s me know that they could care less about average Americans financial pain.  Their only concern is the profit they can generate by such rate increases and the bonuses they can take home.  I know there is talk brewing about introducing a credit card bill of rights and passing laws favoring the consumer but where is the corporate goodwill by banking executives?  No one should have to force you to do the right thing and to treat your customer with some sense of fairness and decency.


With such difficult times for millions of Americans, I find it to be outrageous for banks to be so out of touch with their customers.  Why should it take laws to force you to do what’s right?  I remember a time growing up and the idea of treating your customer right was a prerequisite to staying in business. What ever happened to those times?  Why have we allowed businesses to become too big to fail?  Why have we allowed ourselves to be trampled on by big business?  Why have we allowed our leaders to neglect our concerns for the concerns of corporations? 


I hope we all wake up and stop being so passive in response to how corporations treat us as consumers.  If we would stop allowing banks to become too big to fail, then maybe they would have more of a concern for their customers.  If we started supporting our locally owned community banks and small businesses more, then maybe the customer service and treatment would improve.  It is passed time that we as consumers demand corporate responsibility!  And if there is none to be found, we should take our business to some place that would.

Money and Politics – The Great Divider!

By David J. Hudson,



Are you a believer that all men and women are created equal?  Are you a believer in a capitalist, socialist or other kind of society?  Do you believe that everyone should be paid a fair wage for the work they do?  Do you believe only a few people should have multiple houses, yachts, pieces of jewelry whether they attain it by their own efforts or whether they achieve such by unethical conduct and behavior?  Do you believe policies should be enacted that only benefit a few people or corporations?  Do you believe that most people should struggle to maintain a decent standard of living while many more struggle just to eat?  Are you a believer in the concept that we are all connected and the philosophy behind “We are our brother’s keeper”?  


For far too long, we’ve been influenced to think that we should strive, succeed, and progress in life based on our individual effort; that we should pull ourselves up by our own boot straps without assistance from anyone.  I tend to disagree with that concept or belief.  I believe that we are only as strong as our weakest and that if you have it within your power to help someone, you should.  But unfortunately we have unfair systems in place that penalizes people who make mistakes and two of those are our credit reporting agencies and our criminal justice system. 


Those with power and money want to create the belief that things are scarce and in short supply when that is not the case.  If you believe in abundance like I do, why would there be a need to create money as a system of separation and exchange as it currently is?  The answer is simple, to divide and conquer.  Think about it!  If we have an abundance of energy, raw materials, or whatever we need, why would we benefit from a monetary system?  Ask yourself, who benefits from our current monetary system, only a few.  The majority are trapped in a perpetual system of organized slavery.  Try removing politics and money from our society and see how drastic our lifestyle change for the positive. If we re-directed our energy to improving technology instead of continued petty and divisive differences, we could improve our lives tremendously.  Both politics and money are systems that divide people and should be abolished forthwith. 


No longer should we support systems that control, divide and enslave as oppose to adding value on numerous fronts.  Let us no longer continue being blind to these outdated systems of unfairness that only benefit the rich and powerful.  With time comes change and with change comes new ideas and now is the time for both.  Together we can make a difference and together we will.

Boycotting Major Banks!

By David J. Hudson,



Recently Bank of America increased the number of times they will charge for an overdraft fee from five to ten times a day, meaning that customers could lose up to $350 a day for writing bad checks.  They also recently considered raising the overdraft fees from $30 dollars a check to $39, but have since backed off from that particular increase.  How did the overdraft fees get up to $30 a check in the first place?  How did ATM fees get up to $3 per transaction?  Why did congress allow these banks to enact such high fees in the first place?  Where was the representation for the people and not the corporations?


These are the same banks that have received billions in governmental bailout money from the very own tax payers they are continuing to rip off.  Where is the outrage from this?  Where is Fox News on leading the “Tea Party” campaign against charges that affect the average American?  When will the American people say enough is enough and finally let these corporate elites know that this type of behavior and ill-concern for the working class will no longer be tolerated?


Nothing has yet to be done by banks which have already increased interest rates on credit cards up to twenty three percent.  It seems that these corporate bankers are still getting their way even after milking the American people out of billions in tax payer bailout money in which they are the culprits who’s partly the blame for this economic crisis in the first place.  Again I ask, where is the outrage? 


The American people are stretched to the bone and bankers are still trying to get every single penny they can from them to increase their profits.  I call on every American who’s fed up with these corporate crooks to boycott all major banks until they start showing more responsibility and concern for their customers!

I also call on all Americans to hold their congressional representatives responsible for allowing such transgressions to become law and supporting these very same banks that are taking advantage of us all.