Americans Fed Up with the Rich & Corporate Elite!

By David J. Hudson,


From growing up as a child, playing with friends, going to school, striving to become successful at whatever I chose to do.  Like many, I was unaware and oblivious to a lot of things in life and completely blind to the system of capitalism and the role it played or would play in my life. 


Like many, I was blind and thought that capitalism would allow me the opportunity to follow my dreams, become wealthy and live the good life.  But after witnessing the distribution of 700 billion dollars go straight to the corrupt bankers and Wall Street executives, it establishes my new belief that capitalism is for the working class while the rich benefits from socialism.  How can a few people run a business into the ground and yet walk away with millions of tax payer dollars?  How?  Why? 


While the rich continue to complain and castigate socialism as something demonstrative and un-American, they are the main beneficiaries of socialism and that needs to change.  Like millions of others, who are living their lives from life experiences, societal pressures and what’s being feed by the media, it’s becoming more and more apparent that those in power, the multi-billionaires, those who control the airwaves, own the yachts, private islands etc. are maintaining that power by keeping the system of divisive tactics, diversion, and distraction brewing amongst the little people, the working poor, and middle class. 


Back in the 1960’s it was the race war, putting blacks against whites and to this day, still plays a role in their continued plot to keep this country and its people divided.  They trump up petty hot topic political issues like religion, gay marriage, race, or whatever the hot topic of the month or year may be to keep people occupied and focused on issues least importance to the majority. 


Monetarily they pay the average worker as little as possible; force them to work two or three jobs just to have a decent standard of living.  And their goal, in which they have been very successful at, is to keep the people tired, stressed, distracted and busy, while they continue to rob us all blind.  And this is done purposefully so that the masses remain dormant, asleep and unaware of how much they have been taken advantage of. 


They, the rich, continue to get rich while the average American continues to struggle.  Yes, we’ve all heard of it before and it continues to be so evident this present day, “The rich get richer while the poor gets poorer.” However, due to the change in the voting block with younger, more open-minded, progressively thinking voters becoming more politically active, they, the rich and powerful refuse to let their power dwindle or slip out of their control without a fight. And with that being the case, we should expect to see more distractions like corporate funded “Tea Parties,” and continued extremist views from Fox News and their friends but we must not be fooled or distracted from the purpose of moving this country aggressively and progressively forward.  To bring about the needed change, we must demand it! 


No longer blind to how the rich continues to transfer money from the bottom to the top, people are angry, filled with rage, desperation and is tethering on the verge of a revolt against corporate America and the rich.   This economic crisis has benefited the powerful while bankrupting the working poor and middle class. It has also benefited the working class by waking us all up to the absurdity and arrogance the rich has and how out of touch they are with the average American. 


It’s funny how those who are the culprits in this financial debacle are yet to be brought to justice, yet if someone else steals a few hundred dollars from a convenience store or bank to feed their kids, they are more likely to go to jail for 15 to 20 years.  Where is the justice?  Why is more money allocated to prosecute petty criminals than to prosecute white collar crimes?  These are the questions we should all ask and demand an answer. 


We must create jobs that pay a decent wage for the working poor and middle class.  We must stop the greed and start allocating money downwards and start building this country from the bottom upwards.  We can no longer stand idly by and allow our current system to destroy this country.  We must change our current course and we must do it now!


GOP – Lost In The Woods

By David J. Hudson,



A recent poll has just name President Obama as the most trusted politician in history and I’m sure that Republicans are just thrilled to death.  After losing two consecutive elections, the GOP is like a child lost in the woods with nowhere to turn but to conjure up corporate sponsored tea bagging parties on April 15th.  Normally a grassroots movement starts from the bottom up but the Republicans are in such despair that Fox News and its like minded friends are organizing from the top down, just like the trickle down economics that is partly the blame for the present economic crisis. 

 It’s just another example of how “Republicans”, the GOP are out of touch with average Americans and instead of developing policies to help in directing this country to a better economic standing, they choose to create diversionary and divisive tactics. 

Well I’m sure that most Americans know that President Obama is working everyday to improve their lives and have no time to be bothered by petty bickering from the right as recent polls reflect.  Americans trust President Obama to fix the economy over Republicans at an astounding 3 to 1 ratio.  I would guess after being reduced from a national to regional party after the 2010 elections, they’ll get the picture that America has changed and is moving forward to a new, different and brighter future.

Do You Celebrate Holidays?

By David J. Hudson,



What holidays do you celebrate?  With the government creating or naming holidays after tragic moments in our history, it causes one to think and question each and every holiday that’s on the calendar.  Do you know the history behind each and every holiday?  If not, do your research and you’ll discover some daunting history and how the United States goes about the business of naming holidays.  We are living in historic times at the moment and that is not to say that history is not recorded every single day but the energy and wind of change is in the air. 


We have our First African-American President, First Female Speaker of the House, first major financial catastrophe since the great depression and millions of people have been awakened by all that’s going on in the world we live.  People are becoming more spiritual than religious as they tend to stray away from the traditional religious beliefs and lean toward a more universal understanding of life and how things are intertwined. 


We are moving toward the “Age of Enlightenment.”  For the first time in my life, I have begun to question the word “Capitalism.” For the first time in my life, I’ve begun to see that all does not benefit from capitalism and many are left out in the cold to fend for themselves when that certainly should not be the case.  And this is not about the government taking over and the usual rhetoric you would hear from our political leaders.  It’s about a system that affords everyone to get a piece of the pie as opposed to just a few.  And that system is not capitalism in my humble opinion. 



So yes, we are living in historic times and people are changing, becoming more aware that we rise and fall together. And this brings me back to the beginning of the article.  Do you celebrate holidays like you once did growing up?  Well my answer would be, I don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore and a lot of the beliefs I had growing up has changed drastically.  So, my thoughts and beliefs have evolved and a bit of wisdom and understanding has been seeping in every single day.

Good Riddance to Capitalism – Bring on Socialism

By David J. Hudson,



Would socialism allow forty-five million of its citizens to go without healthcare?  Would socialism allow a justice system to imprison millions for drug use instead of providing drug treatment?  Would socialism allow one percent of the population to control the majority of the country’s wealth?  Would socialism allow a financial system to go unregulated and thereby cause the greatest economic catastrophe in history?


For far too long those in power have controlled the masses by misleading us all to think that capitalism benefits us all, and that the mention of socialism should make us cringe and scream for help.  For far too long we have allowed our so-called experts persuade us to think that America is the place to be because of “Capitalism.” 

For far too long we have allowed the mass media to distract, misinform, influence or program us to chase a dream that was never within reach and would never come within reach in our lifetime except for a very few. The capitalism trick is to make a few successful while the majority of the people witness their success and continue to chase after that illusive dream which in the end is never realized. That is the misconception we’ve all had and each day it’s becoming more and more revealed as the “Big Lie,” that has been promulgated by the rich and powerful for generations. 


What benefits the majority the most and best is the word those in power fear most, and that is “Socialism.”  They want us to think of socialism as communism but it’s not.  Socialism is caring for that next door neighbor or someone in your community. It’s the belief that we are our brother’s or sister’s keeper and so forth.  It’s the “Pay It Forward,” philosophy.  It’s the idea that everyone wins and not just a few. 


Those in power want to keep us divided and believe that every man or woman should defend for him or herself when that certainly should not be the case. It goes against the teachings in the bible and the practice of anyone who believes in any form of a higher power, regardless of their religious beliefs.  The fear those with power and money have is that they will lose their control and influence if majority of the people were playing on an equal playing field.  They use money to separate and by that method alone, they are able to control the masses. 



Think about capitalism and how many who actually benefits from it, go back and think of all the people you know in your life and be honest with yourself.  How many of your friends own several houses in multiple states and countries, yachts, cars, and get million dollar bonuses for ruining a business? 


Capitalism has created an illusion to us all.  Make a few people very wealthy, a few more almost wealthy, a few more rich and leave the majority thinking that they can one day become rich while knowing that the system of capitalism only allows those with money to keep on making it and those that don’t to keep dreaming and thinking that they can one day become rich and wealthy.  Well thanks to our financial geniuses in corporate America and Wall Street, that illusion is starting to fade and fade fast.  The curse of capitalism is starting to be revealed to the masses and guess what?  The masses don’t like what they are beginning to see. 



People are beginning to realize that capitalism was just a host and never was meant to enrich everyone, only continue to mislead and perpetuate the cycle of the rich getting richer.  But the powers that be, blinded by the chase of money, their very own greed have allowed the eyes of people around the world to see the truth.  The truth of what really has been going on behind the curtain of capitalism was all based on deception, misinformation, corruption and greed.


If you really want to dig deep, do the research and find out exactly how the big corporations became so powerful in the first place.  How did they get their money, how did they grow to become so influential?  I would be willing to bet that is was not all ethical or legal.  Does free labor or slavery ring a bell?


What if the majority of citizens stopped doing business with the big corporations and started shopping at small, community like stores?  If we change our ways and our habits, the rich and powerful would have no choice but to stop their corrupt practices. 

The corporate elites want us to think things are scarce when the opposite is true.  We live in a world where there is an abundance of everything but scarcity allows the powerful to have control and make lots of money.  What if we abolished money and our political system?  What if we lived from a resourced based society where everything was in abundance and there was no need for money?  These are things we should all ponder going forward.


Stolen Election to Economic Crisis

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change


America was set on a course it could have never imagined on January 20, 2001 after George W. Bush stole the election with the help of his father’s friends on the Supreme Court, Florida’s then Secretary of State Katherine Harris and his brother Jeb Bush, then the Governor of Florida. 


His stolen victory was the beginning of the end for America as we once new.  If you did the research, you’ll come to find out that everything George Bush has accomplished in his life was by the help of his father’s name and failed at nearly everything he’s done while topping it all off with the destruction of America and sending a rippling affect around the world. 



While Governor of Texas, he was malicious in his stubbornness to show compassion and executing hundreds of people on death row and one individual who were later found to be innocent after his death.  Now that the world is in this financial crisis because of the idiocy of George W. Bush, he’s off into a paid life long retirement while millions around the world suffer due to his inept ability to lead.  His leadership is emblematic of the overall erosion of American values. 



America has lost its standing around the world because of the policies and arrogance of the Bush administration and now it’s up to President Barack Obama to clean up after eight years of complete and utter ignorance.  Yet the media with the exception of MSNBC’s Countdown host Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow of The Rachel Maddow Show and a few online blogs continues to give Former President George W. Bush a free ride by not placing all the blame on his shoulders as it rightfully should. It all starts at the top.


The media failed to investigate the war and the reasons behind going, failed to address issues like the outsourcing of jobs overseas, failed to cover the lack of financial regulations, etc. and of course we can not allow our political leaders to escape this blame either and now look at what we face as a nation.  I often wonder why anyone would vote Republican after what Former President George W. Bush has done to this country. 


We have allowed our political leaders to get away with supporting corporations over the people, we have allowed Bush to slide into retirement while millions suffer, we have allowed corporate greed and corruption to destroy us, we have allowed the use of the word “Capitalism” to mislead us into thinking that we all benefit from it when that is not the case. 



Only a few benefit from capitalism, while they try and relate “Socialism” with something bad when it is not.  Socialism helps the majority and therefore you’ll see those who oppose “Socialism,” try and add a negative connotation to it.  Let us no longer be programmed or misled by the media, those in power or those who wish to keep this country in the past. Lastly, why must most Americans work two or three jobs just to have a decent standard of living?  Why would you think those in power want to keep the average American away from home, family and instead at work struggling to survive?


The busier you are trying to make ends meet, the less time you’ll have to realize how the government is catering to the rich and not you, the less time you’ll have to send emails, write, call or protest not being represented by your political leaders. The less time you’ll have to be active in your community and build a strong grass roots movement for change.  The less time you’ll have to see how capitalism really does only help the few and not the masses.  Although Former President Bush failed this country miserably, he’s also opened up the eyes of millions around the world of the necessary need for change and given us the chance to elect a President whom I believe will go down as the greatest in history.


Blame Our Political Leaders!

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change


Over the years our elected leaders have chosen to support corporations over average hard working Americans. Our members of congress should be blamed for this economic crisis just as much as those on Wall Street. The world blames the U.S for this financial crisis and rightfully so. Our political leaders have been bought out to support bills that enabled corporations to deregulate the financial industry, charge excessive late fees and penalties on credit cards, allow banks to charge a whopping $3 ATM fee, give tax credits to businesses that shipped jobs overseas and yet no one has held them accountable.  Not the media, not voters, no one.


They made a choice to ignore the needs of ordinary Americans. They received their campaign contributions from those corporate hooligans and chose to pass legislation designed to transfer wealth from the bottom, to the top. They structured the rules, laws, and the economy in a manner to achieve that end and for that reason, they should lose their job.


It is time to hold the politicians who  helped in the creation of this economic war accountable by voting them all out of office, whether democrat or republican.  If you favored corporations over working Americans, you should lose your job.  Newsweek has recently published an article about banks that have been bailed out giving campaign contributions to political leaders with tax payer money.  This is an outrage and we the people should not stand for this type of blatant hypocrisy and corruption by our so-called elected leaders.  Enough is enough.  It’s time to elect leaders who care about the average American and not about enriching themselves or corporations. On a last note we must look back at the Bush administration to investigate and prosecute those who played a role in this present crisis.  In order to move forward we must hold accountable all of those who contributed to this mess.







Time We All Started to Care

By David J. Hudson,


It’s funny how most of us tend to place judgment on the indigent, those who are suffering a minor or major setback in life etc. But as I was speaking with a friend the other day, they mentioned something very profound. They said! It’s not what they do to recover or get back on track in life; it’s what “We” do! As I thought about that statement, it resonated with me like ringing a bell. I agreed wholeheartedly with their observation. We as people must come to understand that “We” are our “Brothers” Keeper! We must step out of our very own shoes and start to show compassion for our “Fellow Man.” It is incumbent upon all of us to do just that and stop placing judgment on the plight of someone else. The problem lies with those who are able to help yet fail to do so, that is the greatest problem that most of us fail to see. It’s time we all started to care! It’s time we all started to give much more than we receive! It’s time we all started to love.

Just my thoughts, what are yours?

Proverbs 3:27-28

Out of Touch Republicans

By David J. Hudson,


At a time of crisis for the country, high unemployment, massive foreclosures, increased debt, etc., Republicans are not interested in doing what’s best for Americans but what’s best for the rich, for them to regain power and keep this country off track. Let’s not forget that Bush and Republicans are the blame for wasting nearly a trillion dollars starting a war based on lies, illegal wire-tapping, torture, failing to regulate the banking industry which caused this financial crisis, outsourcing jobs overseas which prevented Americans from having jobs, no domestic policy at all and the list goes on.  Now is not the time for partisanship but a time for us to unite as a country and yet the Republicans are not interested in helping average Americans but instead they continue with a pursuit of giving tax cuts to those who don’t even need them.  Republicans are still out of touch with the average American and fail to see that the American people voted for change in this country.  They still don’t get it!  Well let’s remind them that we have not forgotten the mess that Bush and Republicans have put this country in and we will no longer allow their failed, old and divisive policies to divide us. Yet with this crisis, Republicans voted no on the stimulus bill that would be a first start in getting this economy back on track and they are boasting about voting no!  Well the polls show that the American people want the stimulus and need the benefits of it.  The states need the money to help with infrastructure and other states related needs and yet the Republicans voted no on the stimulus bill.  It just shows how out of touch and disconnected they are from average Americans and it’s time that the American people say very loud and clear that the policies of Republicans are not what this country want or need at this critical time.  They didn’t get it during the election and they don’t get it now!


Please join me in the crusade to vote all Republicans out of office!

Needed Change!

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change



Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who see what’s really happening in this world.  The majority of the people appear to be hypnotized or simply oblivious to the corruption, the greed, the injustice and the selfishness of our government.  Or should I say the majority seems helpless and defenseless against a government that doesn’t care about anyone except the rich.  The government keeps the majority of people distracted by having to work two or three jobs just to maintain a decent standard of living. Why is that?  Why must we work so hard to live?  The excessive amount of hours worked to pay bills dangerously affects us all as a nation by depriving families of time together, time to rest, and time to love. 


At times I’ve asked myself, am I going insane or am I living in an insane world and every time I choose the latter.  The media tends to do more harm than good by glorifying and spreading negative energy that has consumed and poisoned the minds of millions which in turn perpetuates a cycle of negativity.  It is my hope and dream that the majority awaken from their deep sleep and begin to see clearly, begin to protest for change, start a well over due revolution, begin to realize our mistakes of the past and correct them for the future.  It is my desire to initiate change, positive change that we all can embrace and be proud of in this world we live.



Time To Take a Stand!

 By David J. Hudson, We Must Change


Hello World!  Hello America!  I can feel the emotions of most Americans starting to brew and you know what? It’s about time.  It’s time for us all to wake up and take a stand.  Not as a Democrat, Republican or Independent but as Americans, as human beings.  Let us all put aside our petty differences and start working together for the common good of mankind.  Let’s create a paradigm shift in the way we think and act and no longer succumb to the mass media.  Let’s no longer allow ourselves to be programmed with information not of our choosing.  Let’s start patronizing businesses that have our best interest at heart and boycotting those that are unfair in their practices, unfair to their employees yet reward executives up to 250 times more financially. Enough with CEO’s resigning, retiring or getting fired and yet walking away with 50 million or more regardless of how they ran the company.  It’s time to take a stand.  Let’s no longer be distracted by race but come together as one and question the wealthiest one percent.  Why must you have so much and we have so little?  Why must you have so much and poverty is still rampant throughout our country and this world?  Why spend nearly a Trillion Dollars or more on an unjust war when those monies could have been used for Jobs, Education, Healthcare etc. That of course is their greatest fear – the coming together of all races to address this great disparity, this great travesty.  It’s time to take a stand.  Let’s take a look at how small businesses affect our communities and start giving them our support.  Let’s take a look at corporations having too much power and influence in politics therefore dictating to our elected officials their views and the things that benefit them and not us.  It’s time for our elected officials to start working for us and not the lobbyists and corporations.  It’s time to say no to corruption in our government and yes to decent paying jobs, a fair judicial system to all races, fair immigration laws with respect to those who abide by the law and not those who break it, yes to fair trade for all countries especially those poor nations, yes to campaign finance reform, yes to increasing the minimum wage and no to pay increases for politicians alone, yes to protecting our borders and the list goes on.  Why must our political leaders be provided with Heathcare benefits, a pension plan etc. and yet we have over 45 million americans without healthcare.  Let’s get organized from the grass roots to the mainstream to voice our displeasure at how our country is being run.  Let’s be heard loud and clear.  No more abuse by corporations, no more outsourcing of American jobs, no
more cheap labor.  With the wealth of this country, everyone should be paid at a decent rate to be able to live comfortably and provide for his or her family.  Let’s not allow corporate and governmental greed to destroy our lives and the lives of others throughout this world for the benefit of a few.  It’s time to take a stand and that time is now.

Please join me in this crusade to change the world!